Horn Speakers

After owning many different systems over the past 20 yrs or so, I’m coming to the realization that what I like most (at least right now) is lifelike dynamics, the kind that will make you jump.

I owned Maggies for several years. I love their big open sound, but missed the “punch” of dynamic speakers. About 3 yrs ago I went to Vandersteen’s, currently 3A’s. They still have that open sound and do offer some “punch”, not a ton, but some. Going to Nuforce amps gave the Vandies a little more kick, but I’m still missing the lifelike dynamics that I’ve heard with some horn speakers. The problem is, the horn speakers I’ve heard are a bit shouty & harsh.

My question, is there a reasonably priced horn speaker that offers the dynamics I’m missing, with a smoother, more refined sound? Used speakers are fine, I’m open to doing some mods (cross-overs, damping, etc) budget is $1500 +/-.
I would be interested in some horns too but the ones I have heard (low end Klipsch) were horrible. I always see the older Klipsch recommended for rock but isn't there something with a little better WAF that sounds as good for rock music that would offer the same dynamics? Doesn't seem to be.
Klipsch reference series are good, look at older Cornwalls, heresy or belle klipsch. May be prone to hum since they are so efficient.
If you have two good corners in your room, I would recommend trying for a local pair of Khorns. Otherwise, a pair of Belle Klipsches could be had for your price range.

There are many good discussions and expert advices on Klipsch forum:


Good luck.
ecruz...the heresys are pretty much the cornwall's equal in a small to medium room.....havent compare to a forte in years, but the forte plays deeper than both.all are keepers for sure....
At a $1500 budget, your choices are very limited. You may want to keep your present speakers and add a high end self powered subwoofer with a crossover point set at the low frequencies that you are missing, perhaps 100 or 80 Hertz. Also add an L-pad to control the volume of the subwoofer to keep it at the same level as the other speakers. You will also need a three resistor circuit to convert stereo from the two channels into one mono circuit just for the subwoofer. Let me know if you are interested in this gadget. Or you can check out the Klipsch website and go to their forum. Ask about the "mini box" that Paul Klipsch designed for this purpose.

You will have to spend from $10,000 to $20,000 if you want a quality horn speaker system with a high end amp and source that will avoid the harsh sound you don't want; and that's just for used equipment. Good luck!