Hovland hp-100 remote in the future?

anyone have info or a guestimate on whether hovland plans to bring out a version of this preamp with a remote?
No idea, but I count 7 ads here at Audiogon now for HP-100 preamps. What gives????? Is Hovland coming out with a new preamp to replace it?


hey kf...exactly what i was thinking. the only negative i've ever read about this preamp is the lack of remote. seems like they'll have to come out with the option sooner or later.
I read a report of the Stereophile HES 2003 show on Audio Asylum that mentions a room with the Hovland HP-200. If that is not a typo, maybe a hint that a new model pre-amp(probably with remote and theatre bypass)is imminent. Nothing listed on Hovland's website as of today(6-19-03).
I saw the new Hovland preamp with remote at the HES 2003 show. I was told it was similar to the current preamp although they were able to simplify the signal path somewhat resulting in better sound.
Does it have Balanced XLR inputs/outputs? That would be on my wish list besides the remote of course.
I just spoke to the local Hovland dealer , he is expecting to get the one with a remote in the next couple of months. By the way, as far as I know , they were the only room that had a hp 100 and it wasnt a remote unit that I demoed at their showroom. They were the ones
with the Hovland amp and Triangle Magellens.
It is my understanding the the HP200 will be a line stage only with no phono. The space where the phono is currently located is needed to allow for the remote control. I think that the line stage quality is supposed to be the same as the HP100. This would leave the options for a remote line stage only or a line stage with phono with no remote.
Dmailer, you're right: i just spoke to a dealer who said Hovland is positively coming out with a line version with remote. maybe i'm becoming a bit of a conspiracy theorist but doesn't this seem like a calculated step-plan to keep cycling through their preamps? put the first one out w/o remote and hammer the audiophile world with ads, money and perhaps favors and get across the board high reviews (which i'm told from virtually all owners are actually warranted - although i think it sounds a bit thin and not very romantic for my taste), then put out a line stage with a remote to get a bunch of repeat buyers with the plans on later coming out with a line/phono with remote.

I was told at the show no performance increase over the HP100, just a different volume control (no more 2db steps) and the remote, killing the phono section.

In Hovland tradition, a gorgeous piece btw. Even better looking than the 100.