How are most audiophiles going from streamers to DACS

USB a to b, , Coax, or Optical ? what's the better one ?   I have a Node 2I and a Denafrips ares 2 dac thats  in transit , what is everyone using for audio ? not brands of cable just format what way is better for streaming High rez music ?
The Node 2i does not have USB output. The new Node spec page claims that the USB-A jack will be an output in a future software update, which has not occurred yet to my knowledge. At present it is only an input, same as in a Node 2i.  That said, I use an AQ Coffee 1M interconnect from my Node2i to my Mytek Liberty and that clearly beat out the BJC and Transparent Performance coaxes used previously…both much less $$$ than the AQ.  At least I think so!
This can be very frustrating for someone setting up a new system.  I did not keep up with latest changes for 20 yrs.

I have a bluesound.  I think the streamers that have USB are higher $$.  Your streamer and DAC will give you satisfying sound.  I am using a COAX, this is what is most common.  Other quick sound improvements are better power cords for your Dac and streamer and an ethernet cable directly from router to streamer.  All this for $300.  You can obviously spend more.  Hook up everything and read some more before you change course and lose money.