How are Scansonic MB 2.5 sound

Want to buy a pair, heard they need long breakin. Are they better than my Merlin TSMXE stand mounts. Thanks for any info, will listen on Saturday at Nextlevel Audio, just want some input.
I think you will be surprised how good they sound especially for the money. I heard them at Nextlevel with 25 hrs - 75 hrs then 150 hrs. At 25 hrs they sounded good but at 75 they really started to come alive. At 150 hrs all I can say is Wow. I have no experience with Merlin but the MB 2.5's are really well balanced from top to bottom.
No I didn't because I have Raidho D2's. What time are you going to be there?
I will be there at 12:00 noon, come bye if you like I won't mind . Also wanted to listen with tubes but he had no tube amps. Are these good with tubes.
I just might stop by. I haven't heard the MB's with tubes But to me the Raidho's sound great with tubes. Do you have a tube amp or integrated? I have an Octave V110 with black box.
Just looked at your system. VTL should sound great.
What tubes does it take? The VTL is 85 watts Tetrode, 35 triode. I like tetrode better. I'll be bringing some music I like. I have many old tubes, small signal stuff and El34.
El34 - 6550 - KT88 - KT90 - KT120 and KT150's. In a push-pull Pentode mode. It has a high and low power mode. In high power I am using the Ei KT90's. It was designed around the KT120. Kt150's will not get any more power than the KT120's.
Nice meeting you at Tyler house, would like to contact you sometime, is this possible.
Well although nice I did not like them, just not my style. A little bass heavy for me but good stage and dynamics. I really needed to hear them with tubes. He had naim SS integrated . Maybe I'm used to my Merlin TSMXE speakers with tubes. You may like them, worth the money.