Scansonic MB-2.5B vs Sonus Faber Lumina III

Has anyone heard the Scansonic MB-2.5B? I don’t have a Scansonic dealer in my area and the only references I have is the online reviews. I am in the process of upgrading speakers narrowed down to the Scansonic and Sonus Faber Lumina III 


Have the 3.5b and am very happy with them. They have the level of punch, speed and neutrality I gravitate to. Highs are extended without being harsh. Also like the way they look.

These two will have completely different presentations, and your current electronics and listening preferences should be the biggest influences in the decision. 

The Scansonic MB-B series to me is an incredible speaker for the money. They have a signature similar to many Danish brands, like Raidho, Borresen, Audiovector, Dynaudio. It is very open, transparent, still musical. The ribbon is not as refined as the higher end brands but it is still very good. I’ve heard rooms that was very holographic with them. They project a more forward soundstage. 

The Sonus are very appealing / pleasing to listen to but at the expense of some resolution and speed on the frequency extremes. They project a more relaxed soundstage and feel a bit more romantic.

What electronics would you be driving the speakers with?

Thanks for your comments. Electronics are VPI Nomad with Ortofon Blue, Cambridge Audio Azur 851A integrated (probably changing it to PrimaLuna integrated soon). I heard the SF Lumina III and the sound is different than other SF models, it is less “warm”, more “lively” sound.

Agree that some of the newer SFs including the Lumina III are breaking the typical SF sonic signature, but they are still very forgiving speakers. Nothing wrong with that. I would say the Scansonics are much less forgiving, depends on what you will prefer. 

Primaluna is a great choice to upgrade to. They make one of the best and most versatile tube amps for their price range. 

I disagree..I've owned both the 2.5 and 2.5b..I trued a prima Luna at that time and sold it..the scansonics work better with solid need speed,better bass control....been there done that but just my opinion

@missioncoonery Which Primaluna did you have, and did you upgrade the tubes and fuses in them? In stock form, PL is not so great, but considering the OP's system, it's not a bad choice. Upgrading to top notch tubes and upgrading the fuses, as well as aftermarket power cable all take the PL to another level.

Based on the price point/choice, Scansonic appear to the more attractive choice based on spec/build/aesthetic.

Lumina is in SF's "value" line and accordingly, is built as expected-offshore parts, maybe assembled in Italy? Haven't listened Luminamodel, but plenty of previous year models. I'm sure they sound as expected for their PP.

Both models will sound great with SS or tubes-your ears and wallet can decide.

@jerryg123 We will have to agree to disagree. I had the PL HP with KT150s and Brimar CV4003, SR blue fuses and aftermarket power cord. I owned the Scansonic MB-6B, and they powered an 18x23 room. It wasn’t endgame reference, but it was quite satisfactory given the level of investment. I know there are a few others in this thread that have also owned a PL HP and were very happy with them. I won’t name them but if they want to join in they can. 

One mans garbage is another mans gold. Bet it was the Blue Fuse that made all the difference.

He would be better off buying a quality SS or a hybrid than buying a PL and dumping more cash into it.

Unison Research Unico 150 comes to mind. Used $4500.00 and no need to buy $1200 in tubes to swap out the junk China tubes from PL.

Enjoy your day.


I feel @blisshifi is giving a good assessment of both speakers.

I bought new MB 2.5's in April of 2015, based entirely on hearing Raidho D1s at RMAF. I could soon tell these Borressen designed speakers had a sealed ribbon tweeter that I preferred to the Esotar II in my Dynaudio Sapphires.

The sheer speed, PRAT was noticeable for the first time in a loudspeaker as I listened. They do need a sub to be really enjoyed, and a decent one that could high pass them preferably (I never tried high passing). Also, I never DSP'd them so the small bass hump was there.

I love the relaxed sound of Sonus Faber but the comparisons are correct. I know I could live with the right model for a long time.

But, the Scansonics have been gone since Oct 2016, replaced (purely by dumb luck) by a pair of mint condition Raidho D2 floor-standers courtesy of Tyler Mueller at Next Level Hi-Fi. These, with modest DSP room correction, are world-class for my ears, and 'keepers' (barring a cash windfall).


@superleon72 There is a minty looking Scansonic MB-2.5B pair on sale here on Audiogon as we speak for about half retail.

Unfortunately, seller who has tons of positive feedback, is in California.  Not related at all.  

Although I have not had it happen to me, I have become a bit paranoid of shipping damage on larger items.

The Scansonics the @jetter listed is being sold by Alfred Kainz if Highend Electronics. 

@musicaddict The Borresen Z3 Cryo I now own we’re sold to me by Tyler Mueller at Next Level as well. 

Both Alfred and Tyler are amongst my favorite dealers in the industry. Just wonderful people who provide incredible service. 

I never heard of Scansonic speakers. For me, I would never purchase anything regardless of great reviews and the such on blind chance. If I were making six figures a year and could afford to buy something without a physical demo beforehand, then sell them if I didn't like them, that's one thing, but I'm not making that much money/year to gamble on speakers and/or electronics. Regarding the Sonus Faber Lumina III. Wow, is all I have to say. I went in to demo the Lumina V's but they weren't available, but based on the III's demo, I would get the V's without hesitation. They more more forward than the typical SF sound, but never bright or fatiguing, or harsh. Top is bumped up a tad, but it's still nice. The midrange is to die for. The bass is present enough for me. I am trying to decide on the Lumina V or the Klipsch Forte IV. The Forte's low end is really nice, it's midrange is about the same as the SF Lumina III, maybe more points to the SF regarding this, the treble is better on the Forte because it is very tame and rounded even for a compression driver.