How close dynaudio s1.4 to c1

Hi,please help me about this speaker comparison
I'm audition the C1 speaker and yes, I love it:)
but budget not allow me:( to get this at msrp
the dealer don't have the contour line but it says is close to 60-70%
to C1 sound, will set the speaker with int amp either plinius,simaudio or krell,need suggestion about this amp too
live in apt so will listen at nearfield about 8-9 ft from speaker
regarding the bass in S1.4 same as C1?

Then IMO, it would be better to go with the C1. It is more transparent and refined compared to the 1.4s. Vocals and acoustic instruments reproduced are among the best in the 10k price range(enclosure type). The 1.4 is a great speaker with gorgeous sound stage and tonality. The bass, in fact goes deeper than the C1s although not as articulate and well defined. For synths and electronica genre, my vote goes to the 1.4 which just sound amazing.
Comparing the 1.4's to the c1's on the basis of percentage points is a rather subjective exercise. Suffice it to say that the c1's are considerably better than the 1.4's in every category. Do the 1.4's go lower in bass? Yes, but I feel the bass is just a bit overdone, to the point of muddying the mids. This is not a glaring problem; just something my ears picked up. That said, the Krell will probably address this the best of the amps you are considering. If you can't afford the c1's now, go for the 1.4's. If you buy used they will hold their value pretty well when you go to sell them on Audiogon.
The 1.4S is an excellent speaker ( much better than the Focus 140 ) but I totally agree on what is mentioned: The C1 belongs to a complete different can not compare both. I also consider the 1.3Se more refined than the 1.4S, however, this last one presents a better soundstage and focus for me. My current speaker is a Special 25..for me it combines the best of both worlds : extremely refined and with an outstanding bass .
Finally, you can buy the 1.4S without any doubt..for sure you will be very happy with it.