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Pass labs xa30.8 vs Krell evo 402e
Yuhengdu, perhaps your speaker placement and room interaction is not optimal? Pass and C1 pairs favorably for me. The Krell might give you more resolution as Extravaganza mentioned. You have to bring in the krell or other amps/sources to experienc... 
McIntosh 452/601 to replace Pass X350.5, good?
If the amp's response drifts and sounds veiled at times as you've mentioned, something might be wrong with the amp or other components. Did you have it checked? Great idea to bring in another amp to compare. What are the other devices in the syste... 
Dynaudio C1 and voices
Yes, speaker placement is the most important aspect in getting the optimal sound in a room. Be patient and you'll be rewarded.In addition to all the excellent advices posted above : do check the wires are correctly phased(+/-), speakers: L & R... 
Bryston or Levinson for Revel F52
You have very nice components, almost each piece in the chain would likely affect the sonic outcome. But surely an amp change would bring you closer to your preference. Just to give you more options, try class D amps variety as well as amps from P... 
Bryston or Levinson for Revel F52
I thought the MF A5cr was a great combo I've heard with the Revel F52. What sources are you using now? Of the 2 amps, I prefer the Levinson. 
SSD Type Drives Better?
Al, thanks a lot. The good thing is SSDs are getting more affordable and hopefully as you said more reliable. 
SSD Type Drives Better?
09-29-12: Hevac1My understanding is that using them to put data on and off for listening sessions is not a good idea. They have very high failure rates when used like that and they may last 6 months if lucky. The life expediency on SSD drives is o... 
Amp for Verity Parsifal encore
Not sure of the exact model of EAR INT, but the EAR setup I heard at the dealer was one of the most memorable ones. We tried 2 other pairings from different manufacturers but those were not as lively and realistic sounding as with the EAR's. The s... 
Avantgarde UNO or TAD CR-1 or Accuphase?
Nvp, If you have the chance, check out the Capriccio Continuo speakers by (ATD) . These speakes would compete among the best monitors IMO. They are priced similar to Dyn C1s. Just widening your speaker choices. 
How good is the PWD DAC II Preamp Section
Here's a review by A. Cordesman of Absolute sound wherein he prefers direct to amp connection. Best is to try it, as many variables affect the sonic outcome, especially the amps and the speakers used as well as the room.Good luck... 
Fuses that matter.
06-18-12: HifitimeI would like to see these fuse builders identify their own fuse, in their own system, in comparison to the stock fuses, or competition too. They could be changed by a qualified neutral party, without their knowledge of which one ... 
ARC's new REF-75
Thanks for the posts, Oregonpapa. Sounds like a great product, would like to try them out as well.Good to hear Randy is still very much active in the audiophile business, great guy. 
Any HiFi equipment sound similar to YBA sonics ?
Philip, sometimes older components specifically amps and perhaps preamps designed by the Masters in the past can hardly be equaled. But the dig'l playback nowadays are way ahead from the previous designs. Glad to know you are also trying the newer... 
Diversity of opinion over what
Excellent posts with all of the above comments, and not to forget "speaker-room interactions" too.Off topic: I noticed it takes a day or longer before a reply is being posted??? 
New ARC amp --- REF-75
If it's capable driving the Tympanis, it should be enough for all other speakers except perhaps the Scintillas. Can't wait to try this one.