How do I decide on a CD player or adding a dac?

I have been trying to figure a way to find a solution to my fatigue from my digital and SS rig. I run a Pair of Odyssy Stratos Plus Mono Blocks from a Odyssey Etesian (Passive or Linestage) to a pair of Apogee C Minor hybrids. My room is very small 14 ft by 9 1/2 feet and 8 ft tall. Hardwood floors with an Inca wool rug in my nearfield listening area. No room treatments yet the wall are bare because we just moved and I wanted to have a fresh start. Nothing else is in the room, but me and my seat. Pics are on my Budget system.

I need to know if anyone has any suggestions for a source, I use a Pioneer DV 578a universal player for now and have thought about running it as a transport with an external dac, but am a bit overloaded to make a good choice. I have looked at the Dac Ah and Audio Mirror units as well as the Cal Audio Dacs. Others that have been suggestions were CIA Dac and power supply and a van Altine OmegaIII. I know just enough to get confused.

Should I get the dac and use the pioneer as a transport or should I get a new one box cdplayer. My budget is only about $350 to $400 at the most, the lite ah could be had for about $150 as can the Van Alstine.

Please help.

Gmood, if you like that DAC then I would be interested in the old one, where did you find it?
I bought it from Peter Daniels of Audiosector . I doubt I would ever sell it though. It is a $1200 DAC for $350.00...when you buy it directly from Peter. I will most likely use it in another system as it sounds great! When I get the other one I will let you try it out if you like. It could be a little while before I scoop up the Attraction Dac..maybe another month or so ? If I'd known you were still looking, I would have sent it too you to test out for a couple of weeks. Since I've loaned out my Audio Sector integrated to a fellow audiocircle audiophile to play with for a couple of weeks in New York ..I haven't been listening much lately any way. This way you get to hear gear at home without having to buy it. I wish more Aphiles trusted each other enough to do the same.
I have a guy that is going to take my stereo Khartago Extreem for a few weeks. I would love to give that thing a try. It looks cool too. I was hoping to listen to a couple of these budget dacs in my system, but with no luck.
Did i understand that you were able to buy this for $350, but it is $1200. That would be way outa my range.
I read about the attraction before, and thought I was misunderstanding what it was claiming.

If anyone has a Dac to demo, or if you are in Ohio and I can come and listen, drop me an email.

Thanks again for the insight.

BYW what other DAC and players have you had in the past?
You can contact Peter directly and get this DAC for the same price as me. You would be buying it directly from the designer bypassing the middle man. That's why it's so much cheaper. The only other DAC I had in my system was a Meridian DAC used with a Meridian Transport. I also used a QUAD 99 CDP alone and with the Meridian DAC,Adcom Cd player (can't remember the model), RAM modified Toshiba, RAM modified Pioneer and Arcam FMJ DV27. I forgot about the Sony DVP S7000..the analog outputs sucked on this player, sounding harsh and grainy too me. I'm sure it's a great transport though.

The Audio Sector DAC is my favorite of the lot. The Arcam is also another winner! The QUAD 99 CDP is a close third. It was the only unit I had that upsampled..which in the end was tiring too my ears over the long haul(especially when compared to NON-OS). The Toshiba RAM was in there some where with the Arcam and Quad 99 CDP..much smoother than the QUAD though. The RAM Pioneer is at the bottom of the group using analog outputs ,but is ultimately more reliable as a transport than any of the players I've mentioned besides the Meridian transport. The Meridian gear I owned was very well built but sounded very dry an analytical IMHO.

If you haven't picked one up by the time I get the other DAC. You're more than welcome to take it around the block for a spin. Peter mentions on where one of his customers compared this DAC to his two Wadia players, Audio Note Dac Kit 1.1 with all BG and AN copper in oil caps and tantalum resistors, Bel Canto 2.0 and a Cal Audio Alpha DAC using a modded TL-2x transport. The customer prefered the Audio Sector Dac. It may not look like much..but the sound is very seductive...I'm sure you'll like it.

This is why I'm betting the Attraction DAC is also a solid performer without the flashy looks.

Not trying to rock the boat, but did you ever consider an EQ? Most people here will disagree I'm sure, but what it's doing for my room is great. Not only that, I have the ability to listen to all kinds of stuff that was unlistenable before it's addition.