How do I put new banana connector on with other wires showing up after cutting ?

How do I put new banana connector on with other extra wires and a middle shielded one showing up after cutting off the old 2 prong one ?



Can you put details to your story?

That will be helpful.

On the other hand, you've already connected one banana, but I'm still trying to understand what's wrong with the other banana and how it's not same?

that naked wire isn't the right color.  but that banana plug is nothing to brag about either.  

bottom line is speaker wires are one conductor (per color).  no shield, no ground.  so perhaps a bastard wire was used to make the the cables and an extra conductor wasn't used.

If I needed new cables I'd buy bfa connectors and some woven audioquest knockoff wire on ebay for $10/foot and make yourself some much nicer cables for a hundred bucks or so depending on length.


what wire is that? looks like an interconnect cable, not a speaker wire

what are you trying to do?


I use these banana connectors for speaker wires, the 2 set screws give great hold, and the pin inside the banana pin tightens the banana pin when in the socket.

angled design allows 2nd cable to be ’patched’ in.

SPEAKER Cable may have solid or stranded wire, and there could be a ground wire or woven wire sheath for the cable included. Generally, when multiple wires are used they join somewhere behind the ends of the cable so you only see a twisted pair when you change the connector. You may have cut the cable back too far.  I suggest you go to and look up the differences in how speaker cables are assembled. You may even discover the reason your particular cable has the wire it has.  

It is indeed interconnect cable, (could be some weird-ass Monster Cable speaker cable.  They did some bizarre stuff) but speaker ends. If you are near Northern Colorado, I’d be more than happy to help. We can use that wire, but would need to some modifying. The former owner twisted all the wires inside together and soldered a spade connector on it.

You could have bought some "spade to banana" adapters and not had to cut the spades off, but too late now.

I would suggest getting the correct wire.