How does a preamp die from sitting unused for a few months?

I’ve got an Inspire pre that I generally use with an Inspire amp.  I’ve been using the amp with a Cary pre but decided to put the Inspire in its place .

Installed, plugged in, turned on…and nada.  Tried different power cable, different outlet and still nothing.  Checked fuse and it’s fine.

Tried wriggling the PC and nothing.

I took the tubes out and will look into it later today but I find it weird that a piece of stereo equipment dies from sitting unused for a few months.  

Any idea what could have caused this?  Maybe a wire came loose?



I'm guessing the power switch or the rectifier.  If there is a big capacitive element in the power supply there can be a pretty severe shock to the system when first turned on.

My Lab12 Integre blew its fuse twice already, and I can assure you when I took out the damaged fuses there was no visual indication whatsoever on the damaged fuses. That's why it's handy to keep spare fuses around. 

How old is the preamp in question? Look for any caps that might be pooched or leaking. Double check the fuse. I’ve had some blow where it took a magnifying glass to see the break. While you have the magnifying glass out look at the pc boards for any burns or breaks.

All the best.

I agree probably lonliness as well. Years ago, I separated one monoblock from the other, and the left channel amp died within just a few months...the right channel has never been the same since 😢