How does the Ayre V1-xe compare to the MX-R's?

I am contemplating trading up to the Ayre MX-R's from the V1-xe. The rest of the system consists of K1-xe and C5-xe with SF Strads as speakers and Kubala-Sosna cables. For those of you who have done extensive comparisons on these two amps (particularly if you have owned both for awhile), are the MX-R's worth the significant upcharge? I listen to mainly jazz and classical music at moderate levels. What differences did you hear? Are the differences readily apparent over the long term. Are they easy to discern? Thanks for your responses.

I went from the V5-xe to the MX-Rs, so its not the exact same comparison you're looking for, but I listened extensively before making the jump. Also a fan of what Charles Hansen has accomplished at Ayre, I have the K-5xe and C-5xe. I think the MX-Rs really sets a new bar for Ayre, truly bringing out the best qualities solid state electronics can offer, while delivering the three-dimentionality and organic qualities that draws many to the best tube gear out there. My listening experiences over the past 6 months with the MX-Rs have solidified my original impressions, bringing an enhanced sense of enjoyment to listening. Another big benefit of the monoblocks is being able to locate them right next to the speakers (I have Vandersteen 5As) to use very short speaker cable (I use 1M pairs), a benefit which should not be underestimated. Ultimately, I am so pleased with the MX-Rs that I expect my next system "upgrade" will be the companion KX-R preamplifier which Charles seems very excited about. Charles has posted some information on the KX-R on Audio Asylum, although it would be great (now that Ayre is getting closer to releasing it) if he would give a basic overview of his design goals, preamp features, etc.

Hope this helps. - Pete -
Again as with prior comment I went from the K5xe (actually the K6xe version to the monoblocks. Most of my listening is Jazz and classical...using a D1xe with Rockport speakers. The most immediate impression of the MX-R was listening at lower levels...reduced noice...and a sense of greater dynamics. Its very musical and easy to listen to...I suspect you would find it a worth while improvement over the K1xe...
Thank you for the response. I have my V1-xe listed for sale. It will be replaced with the MX-R when it sells.