How does this sound?

I'm so busy these days that I cannot audition too many home theatre setups. I presently have an all Meridian two channel
setup with Theil speakers for my music (which I could not be happier with!). That being said,I want my home theater to be quality equiptment without going overboard.

I've looked around and seem to feel that the following pieces will fit my needs. If anyone has any experience with them or any ideas they would be greatly appreciated.

Reciever - Onkyo Tx-ds797
DVD player - Panasonic dvd-rp91
Polk RM 7200

According to the audio system that you have listed in your post, you seem to have a very high quality audio system in which you can build a high quality home theater around. So, I would like to know what you mean when you say "without going overboard"?? I mean, do you want to integrate your audio system with your home theater system and form on unified system?? Or do you want to keep your audio and home theater systems separate?? Because if you are looking to integrate the two systems in order to build one unified system, then I would be looking at higher quality equipment other than the equipment that you have listed in order for it to be in complete harmony with your audio system. On the other hand, if this is going to be a separate system, then the components that you have listed above makes a lot of sense.

If this is going to be a separate home theater system, then the pieces that you have listed are fine pieces and can make a fine home theater system alone independent of the Meridian/Theil audio system that you have stated in your post. The only thing I would add to this system now is a high quality display. Other than that, I don't see anything wrong with the pieces that you have listed.

Good Luck.

The stuff you listed will be OK for awhile but I don't know if your going to be happy for very long. Meridian with thiels has spoiled you pretty bad. I started out with Sony ES stuff and a nice adcom amp. To this I added a small velodyne sub and five infinity speakers. That was my first home theatre system.

These days my system is comprised of five thiel speakers a fairly large Velodyne sub, Theta transport, Theta pre-amp two monster Classe amps, Mit shotgun cabling Balanced through the front, getting the picture?

Nothing wrong with something simple to start. But I think I know where you will end up two or three years from now (call it a hunch). If you love watching movies at home get ready for the next wave of spending. The local theatre can't compete with a high-end home theatre system. Trust me on that one:~)
Here my new gig.

-Onkyo TX-DS595
-Toshiba SD-2300
-Front Mains: AR 308HO
-Center: AR PSC-25
-Surround: AR 206HO

Not bad for a budget, is it?
I am not looking to mix the two systems. I do not watch movies often and some home theater setups are too overwhelming for my taste(from a stimulation aspect}. Too much too loud! I just want the movie to sound as if it were going on around me and not trying to bury me in special effects. Not loud just satisfying.

As far as the Theils and Meridian gear I'll never touch that.
The sound for 2 channels is perfect. If you want to know the exact equiptment check out my profile.