How good is an Oppo BDP-83 or SE as SACD player?

Have you compared it to more expensive SACD players? Any input would be appreciated.
Mine (BDP-83) sounds at least as good as my Denon 3910 did on SACD. I really enjoy my Oppo, I think I can stop worrying about a digital source for quite some time...

I don't know how you would do much better considering the price of the BDP83.
I had mine updated to the SE version and it's very good.

I did compare it (Oppo SE Version) with a SA11S2 Marantz ..I felt the Marantz was still considerably better overall. And of course it should be considering the price difference.
Each Oppo I’ve had has been an eye opening event. Oppo has thus far been the performance and value leader in it’s class…. And well above. Some say Oppo now sets the bar for overall performance in a multi format disc player.

I can’t tell by degrees the additive or subtractive level of the BDP 83 vs. brands X, Y or Z… but I do feel the BDP 83 for $500 or SE for $900 provide IMO a very high level of satisfaction via their performance & values.

If a person is pretty hard to please the BDP 83 might suprize them but maybe not satisfy them. They’ll spend far more for minor betterment in some areas only. Several times more in fact.

Oppo is a fascinating and quite interesting one box solution that borders on the extraordinary but does not reach into that land yet. I do suspect Oppo may yet strive to become competitive in those regions in the future however. They also provide one of the better support and customer friendly approaches that I’ve found thus far in this industry, so there are those considerations as well. Presently Oppo is above the median across the board with the whole of it’s approach to the AV industry.

An Oppo BDP 83, or BDP 83 SE, purchase places their owners squarely past the threshold of diminishing returns. I feel the BDP 83 SACD playback is on par with my former SCd xa 777, and it's Blue ray audio exceeds it easily.