How good is Electraglide?

Electraglide power cords were recommended to me by several audiophile friends. However, I have also received some negative feedback about both the products and the company. This has made me skeptical of doing business with them. I would appreciate any feedback concerning your experience with Electraglide? Thank you.
The key if you want an Electraglide product is go through one of Scott's dealers. Going direct is risky not because Scott will purposely try to take advantage but because he gets easily distracted and just does better when he does not deal with the public. I am not going to get into all the negatives that people have posted about Scott. Nor am I going to try to defend what cannot be defended. But his products are very good. If you use one of his dealers you will never have a problem. It amazed me when in Electraglide's first year of existence their powercord became a Stereophile recommended component.

If you ever have a problem with an Electraglide product again do everything through your dealer.

Small companies that are not well capitalized have a tendency to first and foremost lookout for their own well being. This leads them into trade offs that do not always favor the consumer when dealing direct.

I am leaving alot vague but one need not be to creative to fill in the blanks.

Scott means to do well but he often times finds himself in a situation where he is unable to do what he must.

Again I am not trying to justify nor excuse anything I am just trying to answer your concerns with the best advice that I can and I repeat GO THROUGH A DEALER. I have sold hundreds of Electraglide products with never a problem. I have also resolved problems for customers who have contacted me and did not even purchase from me.

Your dealer will have leverage!
Hhhmmm, let me get this. A dealer recommends going through a dealer. The manufacturer sells direct. The dealer can't defend the manufacturer's customer service policy because his policies "have a tendency to first and foremost look out for his own best well being","Scott means to do well but he often finds himself in a situation where he is unable to do what he must" and " I'm leaving alot vague but one need not be to creative to fill in the blanks." The dealer sells hundreds of said manufacturers products and uses leverage to sort out the problems people have had even when said manufacturers products have been purchased elsewhere. I'm sure this was a well meaning post with sincere advise but I'm still left with, Hhhmmm?
Stewart,is correct. I have ordered many items thru him and everything went extremly well.
But, when I went direct to Electrglide the response was non existant.
Electraglide products are very very good, however,the Owner should stay away from the public.
I don't doubt the sincerity of "A Sanctuary Of Sound" but at some level some issues may go back to the manufacturer. So far consumers and a dealer have left little doubt about some level of customer contempt. In the big scheme of things I can't imagine these products to be a priority in life. Who needs this aggrevation for something that is a "luxury". I prefer to support firms that respect thier customers. I say we weed out firms that don't respect thier customers. If Electraglide wants my business they will have to demonstrate a significant change in customer service. As for now count me out.
I said my 2 cents in another thread, but I feel that Electraglide needs to make it clear to the public and all concerned that they should deal directly with dealers. I don't understand how a manufacturer can do both.When you buy a new car, you don't deal directly with the manufacturer, unless the dealer screwed you ( I'm not saying all auto dealers are honest) and if so, the manufacturer cuts that dealer off.Perhaps with all this feedback, Scott may rethink the situation. If anybody can talk some sense into him, it's you, Stewart. Good Luck. Oh, and yes, the Electraglides are very good, but they are only as good as the components they are synergistically mated with. Scott's love for tube gear started this making of power cords to work best with tube components.
Have had my share of frustration with Mr. Scott Hall. He probably needs an anti-depressant! As far as his products.. Excellent with my gear. I have Electraglide throughout. Are they worth the MSP. No in my opinion but that is true with any product. Steve
Stewart seems to have a very good relationship with Scott and that works for me. I don't need to talk to Scott, I don't need to get his opinion about my system and I don't want the agrevation. I keep buying his products and my system keeps sounding better. I use SET and VR4 speakers.
Trust Stewart when it comes to these cables
I know for a fact everything that Stewart has said is true.

Scott Hall makes some of the best cables around. Period!

I have checked into buying from him direct. Scott was more expensive then going through Stewart. With Stewart you do not pay until your cables are ready to ship. With Scott you pay and then wait and wait and wait... Stewart usually has a good stock of ALL the lines he carries.

Game if you want some of the best cords then you owe it to yourself and your system to try Electraglide. I have tried Scott's power cords on every component in my system. I think they are a must for power amps.

I understand peoples concerns about customer service. Thats why I buy from Stewart, he is better then going direct

Better prices, quicker turn around... hmmmm what do you think?