How good is Meridian 596 as CD transport?

I have been considering a used Meridian 596 DVD/CD player for several weeks as a replacement for Marantz SA-14 MKII but I have not heard it yet. I assume it would retain the Meridian quality sound. Although this is marketed primarily as a DVD player, how good is this player as a CD transport? How does it compare with 508.24, 588, G08, CEC, Esoteric, etc? I notice that this player has a low resale value (currently selling at below 25% of its retail price when new). Has anyone had any experience with this player and would like to comment? Thanks in advance.
I know it very well. It is as good as a Meridian 506. 508,588 and G08 are better.
I own a 596, and think it would make a very solid transport. I wouldn't be turned off by the low resale value -- it really is an obsolete player now; not offering progressive scan or hi-resolution audio. I have had zero functional issues with mine.

Sonically, I would characterize the 596 as very accurate and a touch cool (analytical). It really excels with a rock solid, huge center image and powerful, tuneful bass.

What dac are you considering? I was thinking of trying this route as well, but like the simplicity of a one box player.
I am also considering the Rega Apollo and CEC TL-51X as transport to the NOS DAC. Anyone heard these players? How do they compare against Meridian 596?