How Is This Possible? Must be Counterfeits

I just stumbled upon this website and they have branded products such as Nordost and Audioquest at about 10% of the normal retail.  How is this even possible and if they are indeed fakes, how come companies like Nordost do not sue them? Truly puzzling.


Stumbling upon AliExpress, is kinda like stumbling upon Amazon :)


Counterfeits galore…


But, there are original Chinese brands of cable that are very good for the money. 

I picked up a phono cable as I was having issues with noise with the one I was using. Problem solved. Sounds great and no noise. 

Wasn’t ready to spend $$$’s on a cable now, but for the comparative low cost of this cable - 150??? - the problem was fixed. At least now I know the issue was indeed w the cable. 

it’s also a great source for diy “bits”, if you’re into that. 


i bought a few of these about a year ago just for fun.  Not much money so why not.  Dude, those fake sound good. 

Not sure if anyone else has said this but maybe that's all it cost with some margin to make those things.  Imagine that!  lol

What a blasphemy!!!  Selling cables for their real worth. What has the world coming to?