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Cary Audio SLP-5 Preamp Tube Replacement.
Good luck! I hope they play well for you!  
Cary Audio SLP-5 Preamp Tube Replacement.
Very curious to see how the tubes work out for you! I’m about to finish building a Tubes4HiFi SP14 preamp and will be needing to order a quad of 6SN7’s for it.   Been leaning towards the Black Treasure CV181, but have read good things about the ... 
2a3 ?
Very much looking forward to reading people’s experiences. I recently picked up a Sony TC500a R2R portable player. Bought it to harvest the transformers and the speaker drivers.    Trying to figure out if I want to build a 1626, 45 or 2A3 with th... 
Dc voltage sent to my speakers
My DIY amp went south a while ago. Not sure if it was the emitter resistor that shorted and caused the output transistor to fail, or vice versa. Thankfully, I had installed protection boards on the outputs, so speakers were spared. Had they not ... 
Best Options For A Tubed Preamp - $2500 Or Less, Preferably Used To Maximize Value
Building a Tubes4HiFi SP14 preamp as I write this.    Supposed to be great value and punch above its weight.    Building a custom chassis for it.    Will hopefully be done in the next month or so.       
Anyone listen to Music on a FM tuner anymore?
Every day!   My Magnum Dynalab Etude gets a lot of use.    Amazing sounding tuner. Had it since new.       
another rookie question - preamp or or power amp
Here’s a bit of a change in direction from what people are suggesting.   I would consider an Adcom GFA-545 power amp.   Inexpensive to buy. Well designed circuit. Big power supply.    I picked one up so I could have a higher power amp on hand... 
Hooked up Shiit Mani incorrectly
Sorry you had this happen.   I’m trying to understand what you did wrong? The Mani is a phono stage, and you connected it to the phono input of your preamp?  
I Cried Today
Lovely.    Thank you for sharing that.    Goosebumps and watery eyes…      
I’m getting a hum in my integrated tube amp and it’s bugging me alot
Since the hum appears after the tubes warm up, and not immediately, it sounds like a tube issue to me. Is the problem in both channels, or just one? And just to confirm, the sound is coming from the speakers, and not from the amp. Is that right?  
New pre-amplifier?
Why, would a manufacturer risk their reputation in this day and age, when anything even remotely underhanded is reported all over the internet? Perhaps, you should go to the factory, and watch them build the unit and package it up for you? Compa... 
Looking for an all-in-one just-add-speakers streamer for my son to take to college
This was just released…  
Do you think driver “break in” is real?
Put on a new pair of jeans, or shoes.   not so comfortable. After a couple of days of use, they get better.    Break in is very real. As an avid DIY builder of audio gear, it’s obvious to me how much benefit a driver will have from  break in o... 
At what price is one considered an Audiophile.
It’s not a $$$’s spent thing.   It’s the pursuit of accurately reproducing music with sound equipment.   That accuracy, can be empirically based, or, emotionally based. Meaning, one can try to reproduce the sound of an acoustic guitar as it wo... 
All Pre 1970 Vintage speakers suck! Prove me wrong
Looks like the lion is nothing more than a little pussy   cat.   Where is the lion hiding?