How it started... How it's going

Almost 3 years, early 2018, I asked the community for guidance on how to put audio equipment on an old cabinet. The (useful) advice was to get stuff from Herbie's Labs.

This is how it started, with a setup based on NAD & Totem. NAD M2 + NAD M50 ; Totem Wind speakers. I added Herbie's fat dots, oak slabs, Gaia I feet, ... based upon feedback on the forum.

This is how it is going, and I really don't look back anymore. T+A PA 3100 HV + T&A MP 3100 HV ; Fyne Audio F704 speakers, Herbie's fat dots, oak slabs for the T+A's, marble plates and Gaia III feet for the speakers ; silver bi-wire speaker cables from, all other cables move to T+A. I also added a REL Carbon Special sub with Longbow. 

Looking forward to see the evolution of your system. How did it look like when you started here (my very first setup was a small normal NAD stack + Totem Staff), how is it now?
Glad you have been updating your system and liking it.

Fwiw, My system is listed. I don't have early pictures but you can read about it being updated over the 20 yrs I have been here. 
It started for me with my parents crappy portable cassette player. In high school and college it was JBL, Kenwood, Pioneer, Technics.  

In 1990 it was the room I am in now, only with a board (2x12 plank I think) with the same Kenwood amp on it only now much better speakers. Eventually a McCormack DNA1, and within a few more years we get to where there are some pictures, it was this:

My system has changed a lot over the years. But while most focus in on the easy to see big box changes the vast majority of what sets this system apart are hidden details. Some hidden in plain sight needing only the keen eyed observer to spot. More are hidden buried deep inside the components themselves. Quite a few are hidden under the floor in the crawlspace, breaker panel, even as far out as the meter.

The evolution of my system is such that I would need to take pictures or keep a log on a weekly or sometimes even daily basis to fully capture it all. The photo's above are already out of date.