How long to rebuild library on Innous Zen Mini Mk II?

I just received a used Innous Zen Mini Mk II. I started it through the site. It appeared on the system and I was able to start ripping (very fast). I burned about 10 discs and want to try the playback, but when I go to library, it continues to search. I went to the system settings to clear and rebuild the library, but after an hour it is still going. How long should I expect it to take for so few discs?
I also cut off and restarted the Zen mini and did a reset of the server.I then let it search for the metadata for 5 offline loaded discs for 45' with no result.Can it be that the innous server is overloaded? I will set up up to rebuild the library running overnight to see if it works.
 Overnight changed nothing,Is anyone on Agon actually using an Innuos Zen product as a server without Roon?
Can you see your files in the app? Can you playback from that app?I have also downloaded the Orangesqueeze app and it wants a password for a non-protected server. I am stuck!
I have sent emails with details to Innuos with blind copy to seller for the last 2 days with zero response. I am now planning to contact PayPal to return the unit to seller. The seller advertised the unit as "no issues",but now says he only used it as a streamer and never as a server.None of the Music Library functions work, all of then continue to cycle/search with no end result. The ripped CDs do appear to be on the hard drive as 1% full.
My apologies to Innuos. I had misspelled as Innous, and have now received responses from them asking for details, and am hopeful they can correct the library problems.The moderators can remove this chain of messages if they wish.
Nuno Vitorino, R&D director (founder of Innuos) set up a remote session this afternoon (Sat 10 PM in UK) and went into the operating system to redo settings. The Zen Mini Mk II now works correctly.
I cannot imagine any better customer service, and this is for a used, discontinued model!
Oldears, I had a similar problem with my Zen Mini mk III. I could't access anything. A power surge had knocked something out. I set up a remote session with the guys in the UK, and they stayed with it until it was fixed. I agree, great customer service.

While setting up the Innuos Zen Mini Mk II, I have been running it by USB cable into the USB DAC input of my Oppo 105 (with output modified by EVS) into Focal Elear headphones.Today, I ran it into my main system with an old M2Tech HIFace USB dongle across the room by a BNC cable into my even older Theta Gen Va DAC with balanced out cables.OMG, I really didn't expect it to sound this good!Happy Ears