how many are you tripping over?

i know there are solutions to this as i have one [universal].remote control units are taking over. my list for example:
insanely expensive universal
ipod dock
ceiling fan
air conditioner
portable space heater
itouch,,,,,,,,,i know this may be boring but sociologically speaking what is this an indication of? 12 remotes next to the sofa is a direct indication that i have no waf around here . ha
I have tons of remotes but as far as remotes that are actually in use I only have one - a Sony RM 2100 programmable touchscreen remote. Got it for $20 used and it runs everything!
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Elizabeth with miniaturation what it is you should patent your idea as it may be feasable. The problem of course is that mousing is an old and dissapearing technology.
I'm currently reading and replying to this thread on a wireless laptop while sitting in a big, cushy leather chair. I'm also watching hdtv with the Dolby 5.1 surround sound going. The laptop is resting on the large right arm of this comfy chair and on the left arm I have 3 remotes (tv,cable and surround processor), a cordless phone and the latest copy of Stereophile. I'm currently unable to use my left arm and leg due to a stroke but, when I feel the need for music, I still get up, walk to the preamp with my cane, flip the HT switch to 2 channel, put a cd in the player and adjust the volume - I do have a preamp remote for volune but don't use it. Doing this, walking up and down the stairs,doing rehab movements and loading and unloading the dishwasher are the only things I do that are close to exercise. I'm not looking for sympathy or pity, I think what I'm saying is to appreciate your health and mobility. We don't need so many remotes and, just because a remote is available or purchasable, doesn't mean we should always use it or buy it. I'm really looking forward to moving about freely once again. So I say enjoy your healthy bodies and move around. Sorry, just my 2 cents worth.
Speaking of multiple remotes, if you want to spare yourself the frustration and also dineros on all the batteries...

The Apple iPhone or iTouch does EVERYTHING that Elizabeth mentioned she wishes for, and then of course about a million things more...!
It can not only act as a multitouch mouse/trackpad for your pc, but also a complete keyboard replacement.

There is a FREE application made by Logitech which effortlessly does the mouse/keyboard bit called Touch Mouse.

And the ultimate universal remote control stuff can be done with another FREE app called RedEye, which along with the matching tiny plug in dongle can beam out a near limitless number of infra red commands and allow users to customize the way they control their gear, with full multitouch and accelerometer support complementing the ability to add (soft) macro buttons for pretty much any device extant.
The redeye app may be free but last I checked the hardware was $200! IMO about $150 too much if they want to sell to anyone but well heeled enthusiasts.

I have two HT's in my home, one is a fairly typical receiver based system with a half dozen sources. The other is an all out assault on HT/two channel and has a dedicated two channel preamp w/HT bypass in it as well as three (currently) Blu-ray players, reference CD/SACD player, TT, cable box, AppleTV etc in it and BOTH are 100% controlled by Harmony 890's, and yes, my lighting and fans are also controlled by them.......

They can be had for ~$150-200 nowadays and to my taste are superior to the new 900 model, I reccomend them highly!
Hiya Mark,
I should have said the Red Eye Mini.... it goes for around $40.

For the price and the near limitless customizing ability compared to any other universal remote control, I think that it's actually an excellent alternative, particularly as I most frequently have my phone within reach wherever I am.

Its activity-based controls and macros are damn nifty as is its database of over 45,000 IR codes and ability to learn commands from any existing remotes you may have which have obscure functions.