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Wadia iPod Dock and iPod Settings
Thanks for this thread. I double checked my iPod touch and found I had Soundcheck on. I turned it off and I think it sounds better. 
Best Live Album Ever...
Brandi Carlile "Live at Benaroya Hall" is pretty damn good. 
DAC with volume control under $250
A used Sony SDP-EP9ES would do the trick. 
Best CD I've heard so far 2011.........
You can listen to the new Wilco album for free (legally) at NPR Music First listen. Mark 
iTunes problems
iTunes does a terrible job with soundtracks, compilations, or anything where the artists are not consistant throughout the whole cd. I am guessing that is what is going on here. What you could try is highlight all the tracks for an album (hold con... 
What is the best compressed iTunes format?
I just ripped my whole collection at 320kbps VBR. Sound quality is very close to lossless, and file size is a little under half of what lossless typically works out to.Maybe I should have done lossless but I am using a 64GB iPod touch for a source... 
dac or sacd?
The sad truth is that SACD IS all but dead for anything but jazz or classical. It is true that their is a decent amount of stuff out there in other genres but most of it is OOP and brings really high prices on the used market.If you have the itch ... 
Another DAC question
What would be the source of the DTS signal? A CDP will not put out DTS, or read a DTS disc. 
Wadia 170i Ipod Dock Vs Onkyo ND S1 Ipod Dock
Another followup -I recently found out that the ND-S1 encodes its output with SCMS copy protection. So no DAT or minidisc recording, and some CD burners are out too.Anyone know if the Pure or the Wadia also add SCMS? 
Best CD I've heard so far 2011.........
Lots of good stuff already mentioned. Sara jarosz, Justin Townes earle, and wailing jennys are all great. But my favorite is probably Brandi Carlile Live at benaroyo Hall. It's really an exceptional recording. 
XA7ES Variable out with JL sub?
I don't really have anything more to add to what is said above but I wanted to say that it's cool to see that there are other XA7ES users out there. It's an oldie but goodie! 
Wadia 170i Ipod Dock Vs Onkyo ND S1 Ipod Dock
Just to follow up if anyone is interested -I replaced my old iPhone with a 3rd generation iPod touch and the random reset problem seems to gave gone. 
Dedicated SACD players with digital inputs?
Dhoff01-I totally agree. Anybody who puts out a high end CDP or universal player without a digital input is just plain dumb, IMO. 
Dedicated SACD players with digital inputs?
Dhoff01 -You may want to double-check. I thought the marantz reference series player had digital ins. Mark 
Dedicated SACD players with digital inputs?
Marantz has a couple of players that do what you want.