How many remember Don Kirshner's Rock Concert?

I was flipping through some channels last night and stumbled on this from 1975 DKRC. Man, this brought back a lot of memories. 40 years ago! I can't believe it! LOL! I saw Joe Walsh in concert a couple of times, great show. Enjoy!

Many years ago, I would stay up late on Friday nights to watch the concerts. I saw Jethro Tull many times as well as many other great bands from that era.
As a teenager, I'd come home late on a Friday night after "dragging the strip", blasting tunes on my killer car stereo and drinking a few Miller Ponies or Mickey's Big Mouths and immediately flip on the TV and watch Don Kirshner.

One of my favorite shows of all time.

Thanks for memories...
If you remember Don Kirshner's Rock Concert, then you should also remember "Midnight Special".
Oh yeah, I remember the Don Kirshner shows well. At least I remember they were on, we were pretty blasted when we watched these.

If you like live concerts, an who doesn't?!, check out the Palladia channel on Comcast. They air tons of concerts with little or no commercial interruption. And the sound is halfway good Dolby Digital 5.1....

Clap for the Wolfman - he gonna rate your record high
Clap for the Wolfman - you gonna dig him till the day you die
Clap for the Wolfman - he gonna rate your record high
(Mmm... Yes, gracious!)
Clap for the Wolfman - you gonna dig him till the day you die
I once saw Dr.John,Etta James and Van Morrisson plying together on that show.Wow!
Great memories and always was a great show!!! Also remembering "King Biscuit Flower Hour..." on the radio,...ring any bells?
You guys are too much, really Mofi, "Mickey's Big Mouths," been there, enjoyed that. Geeze, we are gettin' so F'in old but this thread makes me want to jump in the convertible and go for a cruise. Joe Walsh is in my book of most underrated. For sure, he puts on a great show. He's got some great friends too. Spinnin some Traffic over here this afternoon. Thanks for the memories.
Remember taping KBFHour on't recall Don Ks Rock Concert...but I'm probably the baby of this thread... Haha...I do remember Brit shoes Ready steady,Top of the pops, Whistle Stop...and ofcourse Westwood One In concert series...
Yes ,just great also Midnight Special as someone mentioned , about Ed Sullivan,...
Don't worry, Phasecorrect. Just remember that anyone who CLAIMS they can remember the 60s/70s, wasn't actually there!
If you're in your 50's or 60's and a TV was around, then you saw the show at some point. It was pretty memorable music.
Got it...i more of a product of the recall the first broadcast of folks lived in a newly developed area at the cable tv (gasp)...but my grandparents...god rest TT their souls...lived in an urban environment...and they let me stay up all night watching TV...spinning lps...RIP...miss u both!
If you lived in the Los Angeles area at the time, you could get an FM simulcast of Don Kirshner's Rock Concert. Tune in to the assigned FM radio station on your receiver, and hear it in stereo on your stereo system and speakers while you watched the video on your TV set. I thought that was soooo cool.
Mitch , that was THE way to enjoy music in the home , I lived in Long Beach ,
I'll mention Ed Sullivan again , 20 plus years on the air , The Beatles North American debut along with a fantastic line up of Rock & Roll,
I haven't checked but I wonder if Don Kirshners concerts are available on DVD including the king of entertainment shows Ed Sullivan.
Yes, I remember watching the Midnight Special too, good stuff.
Ed Sullivan was a little before my time. I mean I was aware of the show later on, with the Beatles intro and everything, but I was at a younger age, when my parents controlled the TV, and Lawrence Welk was more apt to be on than Ed Sullivan.
I was not a Lawrence Welk fan, not that there's anything wrong with that. LOL!
Apropos my earlier comment, I THINK I remember listening to simulcasts in the Hartford, CT area.
ABC's In Concert was superior to either Kirschner or Wolfman and this too was simulcast by WBCN Boston when I was a kid. Listened via Koss HV-1 headphones plugged into a cheap Tech Hi Fi Cambridge Audio receiver but no matter, it sounded wonderful. Steely Dan performing Reelin In The Years, that was cool.
The 70's would see me coming home after a kegger with my high school buddy's and watching DK's Rock Concert. They need to release this stuff on DVD....Lot's of great bands.