how much to toe-in quads?

Hi all,

I just got a pair of quad 21L2s. I admit my ears are still getting used to good speakers. I have them on the wall -- may be 6 feet apart and the same from my chair. How much should they be toed-in to sound their best? I know I need to listen, but honestly, still hard to hear a big difference when I make changes.

They shouldent be on the wall- they are rear ported and need a couple feet of breathing room from the wall at minimum. Pulling them out will open things up considerably. Mine are pointed towards the outside of my shoulders FWIW.
Agree with Robr45 - once you are sure the speakers are fully broken in, moving them away from the wall will make a noticeable difference in the sound. Move them out into the room until the bass is tightened and the treble has "opened up" to a point you like the best. Some people like a little more bass reinforcement and are willing to sacrifice some of the "air" in the treble and upper mid range in order to get stronger bass response, and so position their speakers closer to the wall than the 2 ft. prescribed above. Sometimes (often?) the final position will be a compromise dictated more by the shape, size and placement of other furniture in your listening room.

Once you get the distance from the back wall worked out, play with the toe in until you like the sound the best. Make sure you identify what you think is too much toe in so you are sure you are getting the best effect and have found the "sweet spot" for your listening position. If you cannot tell any difference by toeing them in, then don't do it at all.