How to clean BAT CDP?

I thought I could get to the lens but it must be completely internal. Anyone have an idea other than sending it to BAT?

What's it doing Dan? Skipping?

My friend with the same player had to replace the transport after like 6 years of use. BAT gave him quick turnaround, and it wasn't as expensive as I had thought.


Paul :-)
Hey, Paul!

Yes, skipping just a bit but the CD it's skipping on isn't exactly new, if you get my meaning. But it played good the day before so I figured a quick swipe at the lens would do it. I may send it to them anyway, still trying to decide if the 24-bit upgrade is worth it or not. I've been finding quite a few HDCD's lately. Could do the Depth-charge thing, maybe. I have to wait until I get another 'table first 'cuz this is my only source, other than an old Marantz 63SE.

Happy New Year!


Keep in mind the 24 bit "upgrade" does away with HDCD playback.

Happy New Year right back to ya!


Paul :-)
If memory serves me right, from when I used to own the BAT player....

Pick a long duration CD and insert in the player. Cue it up to play the last cut. While playing, hit the stand-by button, then turn it off. This will allow the laser head to be visible when you take the cover off the cdp. Clean very carefully.

Good luck!
Well, I did the next best thing. I cleaned the offending CD and it plays all the way through now. The transport is probably fine.