How to connect Tidal to DAC wireless via iPad

Hi system; amp, cary audio sl80 f1 sig, phone pre amp Manley Chinook, TT- VPI classic 3 w/ koetsu black cartridge, DAC audio mirror troubadour se III, Cullen cables, fritz carbon Ii speakers. Question; using iPad wired direct to DAC via USB cable. I am new to digital. Is there a way to connect my iPad running Tidal via wireless device and still retain quality of sound that I am accustomed to? Thank you. Do not want to upgrade any components as they all seem to work well together. Thank you.
I went with node 2i...was within my budget and pulled the trigger last night. We will see how it works. Thanks everyone..

Congrats, that unit gets very good reviews, and should serve your purpose well.
phill55, if you decided to go with node2 try and test both types of interconnections...

First: node2->digital cable->DAC audio mirror troubadour se III->preamp->etc. 

Second: node2-> rca interconnects cables-> direct to the preamp->etc(without audio mirror troubadour se III directly to the preamp)
plz. let us know which way the Tidal streaming SQ is better. 
Surfmuz - will try both config connects and let you know. Be interesting to see how MQA plays out direct from node2 to pre-amp. TO everyone else, will post results later in terms of ease of use, set up (I am a true digital neophyte - and I am in the IT consulting industry!!) and above all sound quality.