How to delete an annoying email?

Got an email in October from

There is no message other than a link to the member stats.  Of course, there are no stats. I can't seem to delete it.
Anybody out there that can steer me in the right direction?
Thanks in advance
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@jzzmusican  I received exactly the same message and am also unable to delete it.
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If you clicked on it you probably opened a virus or trojan horse which is you can't  delete it 
I got the same email. I had Tammy in customer service delete it.  I never opened it as I could pretty much see the content.  Btw, I scanned it both with the Windows 10 built in anti virus software and Malwarebytes and it came up empty. 
I received two copies of the same PM on October 23rd, which was the day he, she, or it registered here.

You can archive the message and/or see its contents by first clicking on the date shown for it in the list of your PMs.  The next screen will provide a link allowing you to transfer the PM into an archive folder.  That screen will also state that "this conversation contains spam," and will provide a link allowing you to see the contents of the message if you wish to do so.

What is said in the message is basically "I'm Natasha, please kindly respond back to me through my email address," the email address being the one referred to in the OP which is also what is shown in the subject line of the message.

BTW, Googling that email address shows that he, she, or it has sent identical spam to many other forums.

-- Al
Looks like you have been likely infected with malware.
= consider SPYHUNTER to identify it and remove it.

@akg_ca Even though I’ve looked at the actual contents of the PM in question, which Audiogon’s software was clever enough to hide unless it is uncovered via the method I described in my previous post, I can assure you that the computer with which I have done that has not been infected by that PM or by anything else, ever.

And based on having looked at the contents of the message I can say with confidence that none of the other members who have received this spam PM have been infected either. It is simply spam, not malware, adware, or spyware.

For the record, I am a volunteer moderator at a forum for people who build their own computers, as I do. I use the ESET NOD32 anti-virus program on all of my computers, as well as a business-class SonicWall hardware firewall.

-- Al