How to get DSD working in a networked (Roon) setup?


I recently received a few DSD albums and would love to play these.

In the manual of the T+A MP 3100 HV, I read
"The MP 3100 HV can be used as a high-quality D/A converter for other devices such as computers, streamer, digital  radios etc. which are fitted with poor-quality converters or no converter at all. The MP 3100 HV features two optical and two electrical S/P-DIF digital inputs on the back panel to allow this usage.

A USB-DAC input on the back panel permits to use the MP 3100 HV as D/A
converter for computers.

At the USB DAC IN input the MP 3100 HV accepts digital PCM-encoded stereo
signals with sampling rates of 44.1 to 384 kHz (32-bit) and DSD data with
sampling rates of DSD64, DSD128, DSD256* and DSD512*."

To use the T+A MP 3100 HV to play DSD files, I have to connect it to a PC using a USB cable? Is my understanding correct?

I have all my music on a NAS in the basement. I use Roon to play (flac) files on my stereo. Is there no other way to get DSD to play?

Ideally, I would prefer to add a device in my network to play DSD. 

This "USB DAC" truly puzzles me. 

Thank you for your advice.


Thanks for getting back to me.

@jazzman7 : It's afaik what happens - Roon downsamples as I'm now relying on a network infrastructure rather than a USB connection with a PC. I'll take a screenshot this evening. 

Indeed - only through the "USB DAC" DSD files can be played. Furthermore, depending on the USB receiver used, there might be a limitation on the quality as well. 

I really new to DSD. But indeed - having done more research and with the answers received I started to look for a PS Audio DirectStream with Bridge II (new model of the DS is out so sharp prices second hand) or a Lumin Mini U2. Over time, I hope to migrate to the T+A PSD 3100 HV (it's delayed) as it will also support DSD256 over LAN. We'll see :) 
Your summary thus seems correct: DSD capable, Roon capable, USB bridge. Would you happen to know such a device?

@lordmelton : the unit plays flac without an issue. I have the same album in flac/DSD to compare, the flac was visible, the DSD simply wasn't. It only plays native DSD through the "USB DAC", and then it functions like a sound card. So yes - it does native, but only through the USB DAC receiver.

@koenvingerhoets  There must be an issue with the way you've downloaded the file onto the USB stick. I assume you downloaded it from a DSD website.

It could be that your file tags are in a different order that unit cannot read.

However you are correct, you have a SACD player so it cannot output DSD beyond the unit due to SACD licensing.


In my system I have a Bricasti M5 functioning as a network bridge and Roon endpoint.  I am very happy with it and can highly recommend it.  Via spdif or AES/EBU can handle DSD 64 as DoP.  Via USB can handle DSD 64 or 128 as DoP.   Ethernet connection, no wi-fi accept via USB wi-fi adapter, which of course would tie up the USB port.


No, Roon is not down sampling.  The signal path shows DSF DSD 64 on Roon.

The ability to play natively vs via DoP and/or down sampled is dependent on the DAC and also the port used.

I'm using a Moon 280d with Roon via Ethernet.  A supported config for native DSD up to DSD 256.  Straight SACD rips are DSD64 but up sampling to DSD256 works fine as well.

I looked at the technical specs. I think they are organized in confusing manner.  The specs for streaming is for local files via PnP media servers and is probably incomplete.

Try streaming DSD via Roon directly without conversion.