How to link Spotify playlists with Roon & Lightning DS via Tidal

I subscribe to both Tidal and Spotify.

As I am sure everyone is well aware, Tidal has the best sound quality (from a commercial streaming company) and Spotify has the best playlists and music recommendations. I don’t like Tidal’s recommendations or their GUI and have previously spent time manually transferring some Spotify playlists/tracks to Tidal.

I found a site which will automatically sync your Spotify playlists with Tidal which means you can have your Spotify music on Tidal (well most of it, subject to track availability and with some limitations) and therefore also on Roon or any other app which integrates with Tidal.

I have used Roon and it’s the best GUI for digital music management, but it comes at a cost and my streamer (Auralic Aries) has a free app (Lightening DS) which integrates really well with Tidal so I don’t need it but getting back to the point…..

There is a website called Soundiz which will automatically sync up to 10 Spotify playlists with Tidal. You have to sign up for a premium membership (sorry, can’t remember the cost). The website is not user friendly and really ugly but you can set it to sync every day, at a certain time and can leave it to work with no input after the initial set up. Your Spotify playlists appear in Tidal, updated every day, with most of the tracks.

I think this works best with playlists which Spotify generates automatically like “discover weekly” which makes new track recommendations based on your listening preferences but any playlist can be sync’d. The BBC radio music playlists (which are regularly updated) are also a good shout if that’s your thing.

I have had to reset Soundiz once in the last 6 months  but generally it has worked well.

For the record, I have no commercial interest in any of the software or hardware listed above.

I hope this info adds to your music listening pleasure!  

Thanks, soma.  I have the same opinion as you about the relative virtues of Spotify vs Tidal.  In fact, this afternoon I spent quite a bit of time going through Spotify's Browse/Discover recommendations and if something sounded good or would be worth more at length listening, manually searching for it on Tidal and saving it there.  Kinda tedious.  So...thanks for the heads up.  Sounds like Soundiz could be helpful.  By the way, I have an Auralic Aries Mini and use the DS Lightning App.  
Thanks v much for your reply ghost. If it wasn’t for you, my reccomendation might never have seen the light of day!

Another good implementation here is to link your Spotify account with Shazam. You can then sync the Shazam Spotify playlist via Soundiz and see your Shazams on Tidal and Lightening DS/Roon etc.

Happy days!

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Another very useful program to move Spotify playlists to Tidal is STAMP. For a small fee for the premium service (paid only once) you can get unlimited conversions. There are lots of other playlist conversions available - Deezer, Apple Music, Pandora, just to name a few.
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