How To Remove Woofers On Alon II's For Upgrading

I have obtained a pair of 10" Alon Alnico Woofers that I would like to replace the original woofers. I do understand the speakers are mounted with black caulk to seal the installation. What is the technique to remove the original speakers without damage to the speaker or enclosure? Got any tips...
remove the bottom panel of the speaker and push them out from inside the cabinet.

please note, they are really in there. you might have to leverage them out. be careful of the crossover mounted on the botttom panel.

hope that helps,

i believe alon has a screw that can pull the woofer out from the front. please contact them. curtis.
take out the screws in the woofer than get a larger screw that will thread through the mounting hole. This will push the woofer away from the enclsure do the same to each mounting hole . This will break the seal with the caulk and leave the enclsure undamaged this is what Alon told Me they did send Me a screw with My woofers.