how to set Nero Burning room speeds? help

I cannot seem to figure out how to set the read and write speeds for burning CDs on my computer. I have Nero Burning software. Does anyone know how to change the settings? My CD copies are unlistenable, presumably because I have read or written too fast.
When you pull up the burn dialog box there is a window for the write speed. The only time this doesn't come up is if your hardware does not support multiple write speeds.
By the way, it always defaults to the maximum write speed, so you have to change it manually each time. If there is a way to get it to default to a lower speed, I haven't found it yet.
Thanks Rives.
Is there any way to set the read speed? I think that might be part of my problem too.
thanks again
One other question: When I check the write speed, it offers me options down to 4x, but no slower. Does it make sense that the writer can go no slower than that?
Check what speed your driver specs for; on most it's written on the front. Go with that. Actually, on older drivers it's often 4x anyway.
I think you can do this in the Nero Toolkit. I've never actually done it, so I don't know. But if you go to options you can select a CD speed and click apply. I assume that will slow it down to the correct speed. The toolkit will also test the CD speed, and even if you have a high speed drive, it will find the speed that works reliably and then set Nero to work at that speed. There is also a way of forcing a slower speed, that is a bit more complicated, but it is described in Nero Help. Just do a search on "read speed" and then click on setting read speed.
Get EAC (Exact Audio Copy)... I was having huge problems ripping CDs until I picked that up. Turns out it was mainly read problems, not write problems, with my system. It takes forever, but the copies are much much cleaner than anything else I've tried... (And if you do choose to compress them to mp3s, you can download LAME and EAC will call it as an external routine).

Did I mention EAC is only $20 and LAME is free?