How to sucessfuly use audirvana

Just moved from computer streaming  Qobuz via USB to Audirvana streaming via New Bricasti  M1 SE with network card. I am very impressed. You all suggested the upgrade and were right.

     My dilemma is as follows:  Everything is set up to choose and play via an ALBUM.  All music is listed via Albums. Once there you choose a song and it plays. However, AC/DC has many albums and you must search each album for the desired song, Pain in the ass searching. Would be a great deal easier going to ARTISTS, such as AC/DC and seeing all their songs listed, regardless of albums. 

However, when I move the icon and choose ARTISTS on Audirvana face page I get 7 or 8 Artists shown by name,(that's all) and on the ALBUMS list it may show more than a hundred or more?  How can I move to list all via ARTISTS, which would be much easier to search for your desired song, rather than shuffling through albums for a specific song???


providing you can remember all the song titles you want to hear at that given moment.

It would be much easier to just go to AC/DC and scroll down to see ALL SONGS listed from albums downloaded previously.  My account with Qobus lists them just that way!