How to tell if your dog is involved in a Sex scandle

With the great response and comments I received to my ... "Why Audiophiles need cats" ... It appears we also have a number of dog lovers on this board  

With that said I am offering the Caine fans among us a guide to help them determined if their dog is involved in a Sex scandal 

Please clink on the link below ... should be obvious

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First pussy now bow wow its the ASPCA or PETGON,start one about birds VERY important!!!

Dave - the cat was pretty funny - but this one really tickled my funny bone :-)

What's next? How about Horses.

Just keep em comin - we need more humour like this!

Cheers - and a Very Humorous NEW YEAR!!

W/W ... thanks for the kind words and your support on my unique brand of humor ... sorry I don't have any Horse humor on file at this time ... will you settle for a Camel instead  

This one really hits home real hard with all the Millennium's and their addiction to their I PHONES  ... keep an eye out Sunday for my next new post 

It appears I still owe ebm a BIRDIE ...all I can say to him  is I've been in this hobby since 1972 and a member in good standing on Audiogon since 2001  

I read everything all the time and what I've noticed most about your response's  to the "OPs" ... is a lot of negative waves ... must be that night job at the bus station as mentioned in another thread is wearing on you  

All I can say to you is ...  

If you can't be positive at least be quite ... here's your BIRDIE



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