How would you describe your class D amp's sound?

I'd like to hear from owners of module powered amps. There are several makers of modules, and even more designs around the use of them. Some people may know these amps by the misnomer, digital amps. Most aren't the same. Class D amps are analog. The use of the letter D merely is due to it's the next letter on the alphabet.

Some class D module makers are: Tripath, Nuforce, B&O, Panasonic, Sony, Sharp, and others.

So... How does your amp sound - lows, mids, highs, depth, width, dynamics. micro-dynamics, and clarity?
I purchased a Panasonic SA-XR 50 for the fun of it six months ago. I am thoroughly amazed at its' pure aural capablilities. Sounds good at low volume too. Very big soundstage, dynamics and clarity are unbelievable. I use a Panasonic DVD player via coaxial. (I gave up being serious about audio back in the 80's after Yamaha B-1 amp and ADS L-780s disappeared.) I love and live for music. I find the fun factor is back for me. This receiver sounds good on FM also. I have no issues with good vs. bad sounding discs. Numerous remastering settings when feeding signal digitally to receiver. My present speakers are merely the last of the radio shack lineaums. I have a small room and speakers really sing there. Give it a try, you can generally take it back if you don't like. I was sure surprised
I received this as part of an e-mail from someone that I suspect plans to enter the fray as a purveyor of ICEpower-based "digital" amps:

"Yup, the sound seems system dependant. I've tried it on three very different speaker systems (widely different efficiency and impedence) and it is very different in each, although still satisfying."

Smart boy. There is hope for him.
In my system the H20 sounded unimpressive versus my tube amp. The NuForce 8b is much more pleasing. I am awaiting the ref 9. YMMV. Audience Au24 speaker cables, WP7s.

Bob Wood
I have had the same tubed amp (ARC VT100 MKII) that Woodburger has but when I auditioned the H20 in my system it sounded better than my VT100 with a more harmonically rich midrange---something I found hard to believe with a non-tubed amplifier. I never thought that I could live without a tubed amp as I've auditioned Mark Levinson, Krell, and McCormack SS amps in my system and none could match my tubed amp in the area of midrange. The H20 impressed me so much that I bought one and sold my tubed amp. I recently had my Audio Research Reference 2 tubed preamp modified by Great Northern Sound which resulted in an even more impressive sound with the H20 in my system with ProAc D80 speakers.
I had a Sunfire Cinema Grand It was the worst amp I ever owned. Sounded cold & bright. My 1950's Grommes LJ-6 mono integrated's smoke it.
Henry Ho makes the H2o amplifiers. I own two of them (S-250 Signatures. Their website