HPA-2 vs 4B-ST

Anyone done any direct comparison with these 2 amps?? The Bryston is cheaper and I have heard that, have not had the chance to demo the HPA-2 though. Will be used to drive a pair of Paradigm Studio 100s. Comments?? Are they close in performance or is the HPA-2 worth the extra cost.
I did compare the two, and imho the Bryston is a much better value. It was hard for me to hear any real difference with my speakers-Aerial 7bs- and the combo of lower price and 20 year warranty made it an easy choice for me. Good luck.

Thanks for the response, the sort of thing I was looking for, tough to beat that 20 warranty Bryston offers. The aerials you are using are the speakers I hope to move to next, only heard them once, but they sounded great. Nice to know they match well with the 4B-ST if I go in that directions, thanks again.