HQ phono preamp for Highphonic MC R5 LOMC

This Highphonic MC R5 has a very low output voltage of 0.12 V. I´m looking for a quality vintage or new phono stage, also a preamp w/ MC phono stage will do. Some say a balanced connection gives the best out of very low MC carts.
But does a HQ single ended preamp do justice to this superb vintage MC as well ? Thanks for your guidance.
Came the resolution: I bought a twenty five yrs old fully balanced Electrocompaniet EC-3 preamp w/ MC board. Its sound quality just blows me away. Never ever had heard such a big sound from a phono cartridge. 

But it wasn´t that easy really, not just plug and play. First horrible noise from other channel due to oxidized dip-switches that needed to be properly cleaned. Secondly needed to buy appropriate phono cables.  
After goofing around with my new balanced phono stage and initially having read the instructions wrong and trying to desperately find appropriate settings for my Highphonic MC R5 cartridge I suddenly found one.

All changed ! Never have heard such a convincing sound before from a vinyl disc really. Less noise less artificial sounds but more music. Soundstage is deeper and more transparent with more layers of sounds/instruments. And lots of bass, real bass power with less volume settings.
Wow. Camel´s Nude even it´s a German reissue sounds quite incredible. Now there truly are "landscapes" and sounds floating over them.

Absolutely fantastic :_)