HT Pre\pro with digital out

I am currently using a Marantz 7701 as a pre/pro.  I also tri-amplify my speakers and use a MiniDSP as an active crossover and for EQ.  I feel it is redundant to have the signal sent out of my pre/pro in analog only to be converted to digital to apply filters and crossovers to then be converted back to analog to travel to amplifiers.  I am looking for suggestions on a different pre/pro that has a digital out so the signal will only be converted once from digital to analog instead of twice. 
You're better off getting a really nice HT Processor that includes the active crossover and EQ functions.  It actually degrades the sound to have it processed through a MiniDSP.  What's your budget?
Oh crud, I did not read that you are tri-amplifying your speakers.  What you are looking for doesn't actually exist because all HT processors will output the digital at "full volume".  The Marantz has a 9-band graphic EQ that you can use to adjust each channel individually.  Then I would look at a very high end "pure analog" crossover, such as a pair of Bryston 10B crossovers (you need two if you want to tri-amplify).
Why do you want to to tri-amplify your front speakers? What kind of speakers and amp(s) do you have? 
I am using Emerald Physics CS 2.3 loudspeakers. They were to be bi-amped with a passive crossover for mids and highs. I replaced the Behringer digital crossover and EQ with a miniDSP. The miniDSP has more processing power and so I tri-amp the speakers now. I use a custom made tube amplifier for the midrange and SimAudio solid state multi-channel amplifier for the bass and highs. My budget is around $2500. I don’t mind purchasing used. I have read that Dirac Live is one of the best room correction programs available. The Emotiva XMC-1 is an option due to its digital out and it is a small fee for the full Dirac Live version. Just a thought. My experience with a Lexicon MC12B, Theta CB II, Meridian 861 V4 with analog outs, Krell S-1000, and Halcro SSP 100 have demonstrated that room correction is important. I actually prefer the Marantz 7701 because of this. Newer products from the higher end pre/pros I had now often have better room correction but are now beyond my price range. I wish I could afford a Theta CB IV with full version of Dirac Live but that isn’t an option at the moment.
The Emotiva XMC-1 is an option due to its digital out and it is a small fee for the full Dirac Live version.

Please check with Emotiva on the digital output to see if the digital output will have a "Diract corrected" signal.
It does look like that suggestion of the "MiniDSP 4x10 HD" does have a digital input that you can use.  PLEASE BE AWARE that this digital input only support 2-channel PCM audio.  You cannot send muti-channel Dolby Digital or DTS type signals to this input.
I do use a miniDSP 4×10.  I am looking for a pre/pro with a digital out to feed into the miniDSP.