Htm2 d3 in black or rosenut to match 804d3 rosenut

I’m debating as I don’t want to spend 4K on s new center but if marching colors is best ill do it, but I’ve seen used black ones for under 3k if that would work. Please give some insight I’m returning my db2d today no where worth the price I’ll just be using my old handy rel s3 instead lol.
Hello tkwdv34,

     If you buy an Htm2 D3 in rosenut for $4K, it'll likely be worth $3K by the time you get home.  How about the highly rated original Diamond series used in rosenut?


What did you not like about the DB2D? I have a pair of B&W 802D3 speakers and was seriously considering the DB2D or the DB1D to add depth. I am eager to hear of your experiences.