HTM4 Diamond Use With CM9 Fronts?


I have B&W CM9's. Although I am thinking of getting the CMC2 as the center, would the HTM4 Diamond be a better choice ? Or would it just not match up well? Yes I know the CMC2 is the designed center speaker for the CM series, just looking for other peoples suggestions and experience.
From what i hear, from others, is that the diamond tweeter is pretty different.... you might want to try the non diamond tweeter designs.. i have a htm4s that you are welcome to try out if you live close to daytona beach Florida....

That's real generous of you, wish I was in the area. Unfortunately not. I guess what I'm asking is should I still with the top model in that line, the cmc2 or try go with a higher end model from another line within B&W such as the HTM4 diamond or HTM3 etc or would it just not sound right,..... ie although a better speaker, the HTM line, the cheaper speaker, the CMC2 would be a better fit?
As a general rule... stay with the same series for the front sound stage. so if you are in the cm series stay with that... that is joy to say that a different series center would work just fine with the other... it is just a general could buy just one of the fronts and use it for the center.

can you try out a different center within your system? that would answer the questions
I can't try out different centers with it unfortunately! Plus the stores around here are not big up on in house demos and to be honest I'd have to buy the cmc2 without even listening in store to it as they don't keep them in stock and even when they do they don't wanna open the box for a demo as then they could be stuck with a demo

Thanks for your input, still makes me wonder what it could sound like