***HUM***BUZZ***CRACKLE***POPPPP= Dead Amp...Where To Service???

7 months ago I bought a used Sugden Bijou system from an east coast dealer.I've been in audio heaven & ABSOLUTELY off the merry go round with electronics.
 I have never driven it hard,a few sessions turning up the volume but in a small apartment even that was restrained.Tonight it was playing blissfully & in an instant it LOUDLY started humming/buzzing,like transformer hum,then crackled like a power tube going bad & POP.Then nothing,no power up,dead.There are NO external fuses & design dictates complete tear down to access internals even for a visual inspection.
A Sugden dealer not in my area says they can send it to the Sugden guru somewhere in Arizona but a little internet digging shows a VERY highly compensated tech(read:expensive).
 I could use some recommendations for a service tech who is fair in his rates & with a rep for honesty in his dealings.Seattle area would be great but willing to ship to the right tech..Thanks much..


James at High-End Audio Repair in Phoenix, Az. is really good and super fair.  You can try him at 4803987362.  He is super busy and takes his time but I totally trust him with my equipment.  Give him a call and leave a message.  

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I would call the dealer where you bought it.  That's your best bet IMO.  Just a tip, whenever buying anything used, you should first find out who and where it can be serviced.  Good luck.  

I agree with @chayro above that when purchasing new and/or preowned equipment, you HAVE to ask where can it be serviced.  The most important question is can the unit be serviced in the USA or does the unit need to be shipped elsewhere.  The next question is who pays for the shipping.  Sometimes the right decision is not to purchase a unit if getting it serviced is an issue.  You also need to be aware that getting a non-working component serviced might take weeks or even months.  

HUM***BUZZ***CRACKLE***POPPPP.......are you sure your not describing sounds coming from a turntable?

🤔,whats a turntable?
 Bought the Sugden based on rep for long life,guess that doesn't apply to what they themselves called the finest amp the ever made when it came out.
hgeifman:good call,thanks.