Humminguru record cleaner

Almost all of my records are in NM condition, so I didn’t think I needed a record cleaner to replace my VPI 16.5. Also, my record surfaces are virtually silent.. But I was intrigued by the ultrasonic cleaners out there. So I bought one with the probability of a return. The results are amazing. This device cleans the records so well it’s like adding a new component to my system. And it’s only $500. With my already clean records I didn’t need the Degritter which is several times more expensive.

I recommend it highly.


I had the Humminguru for awhile. I was impressed so much that I went for the Degritter. Both are good Degritter much easier to use, just put in a record hit the button and walk away. Six minutes later viola, clean record. Of course like everything in this hobby, there is the price consideration. 

Moonwatcher, to your post of 2/13, please re-read my post about “ultrasonic “ STYLUS cleaners. They are not ultrasonic. They operate at around 500 Hz. Of course, US cleaners for LPs are ultrasonic. That’s all I was saying.

Well of course I would have to give the nod to Degritter. I didn't have the Humminguru very long at all, hard to remember exactly. It was very close though.  If money is a concern then by all means go with Hummingguru