Humminguru S-DUO

I'm as nervous as the next person about water or any other fluid getting inside a cartridge. But with great care only the stylus and the tip of the cantilever get wet with this device. Here is a nearly new Cadenza Bronze (6 hours play so far) that has been brushed with a carbon fibre stylus brush:

and here it is after 20 seconds in the S-DUO:

And I was even wondering if the device did anything! Looks like it does.


Repost the pics-can't see them.

I get a like new appearance using Magic Eraser.

Curious, I bought an SSL certificate for the site and if I right click and copy image link it does show as an https address. But lets throw them up on Flickr:



How's that?


No reason to use this. There are other methods as effective without a liquid bath.

Well, it looks cleaner but not much different from what magic eraser does-AND ME does a great job on the kitchen sink and bathroom tub!

Maybe another round might get the last remaining schumtz. 

You do you etc....

I'd be delighted for the magic eraser/onzow users to post before and after pictures. I have always used a carbon fibre brush (and I can't recall whether it was one that came with a Benz Micro or an Ortofon, but they both look the same) and that brush, used just before the first picture isn't working so very well.

Being more aware than some about fluid ingress (I made my London Decca Reference need a rebuild with Stylast, and I still cringe at what John Wright wrote about it), I am quite paranoid about keeping the distilled water out of the cartridge body.

This looks like something to use occasionally, rather than regularly, but given the suspicions about the magic eraser/onzow/blutack kind of cleaner, I can't say it is more dangerous.

I've been reading the Onzo Zerodust leave a residue and over time it will ruin your stylus.  I'm hoping it's not true, so just in case I purchased the Mofi LP#9 Stylus Cleaner. Comes with liquid and a small brush.