Huntsville Alabama

Any audiophiles in the Athens/Decatur/Huntsville/Florence Alabama area? It would be interesting to have a group that meets once in a while. Is there anybody out there?
Did you locate anyone in the requested area? I just moved to Huntsville, and was wondering if there are any audiophiles.

i grew up in athens and my family still lives there. what a small world! too bad i've moved to mobile.
Hello All,
I am in the Montgomery area. Maybe more folks will see these replies.
My apologies for that last comment - I now realize that I may have offended Huntsville (Stars), Mobile (Bay Bears), and Birmingham (Barons), as these are the Bisciuts rivals...
there used to be a dealer in huntsville that sold martin logan and plinius. i searched the ML site. the only dealer they list in huntsville is:

they are on putman drive. they also sell def tech, sunfire, rotel, anthem, elan, integra, and several brands of monitors/pj. it's been so long since i was there, but last i remembered the dealer i visited was in a strip mall just off of the parkway. ML also lists a dealer in cullman. they also sell ayre, sunfire, yamaha, transparent cables, and a myriad of video equipment as well. their website is:

and there used to be a dealer in florence that sold cary audio, salamander, soliloquy speakers, phase tech speakers, and nordost. i can't remember their name...something similar to south beach sound & cinema (no idea why they called themselves south beach in florence??!). i'm not even sure they are still in business though. good luck.
Hey All, just moved to Huntsville. Not really a true audiophile but am getting into some inherited high-end tube and solid-state equipment.

Any luck on the Florence "Cary Audio" dealer Jafant?
The Florence dealer is not longer in business. Yes, he called his business South Beach. Not a good choice. He was also located in a high rent district and would have had an extremely high overhead. I'm in Florence, and a budget audiophile at best. Used Vandy 2s, Spica, Creek amp and several NAD products.
I'm in Athens, and would be interested in meeting other people that have a passion for audio equipment and love of music.
Huntsville music lovers, one more to count and I know another also. Long life analogue I say. Any plans to meet?
Does anyone from Huntsville happen to know what's going on with the Western Electric tube plant?
Good Evening,

it has been awhile since I contacted you guys. Like everywhere else, most retailers have gone 'Home Theater'.
Are there any stereo/high-end dealers in your area?
I don't get to Huntsville often but here in Florence-Muscle Shoals there is no longer any high end retailer. I've had to get my gear on the Internet or buy used here thru Audiogon. I, too, would like to know if there is a hi-end dealer in Huntsville. I would make a special trip to check 'em out.

Hey Stephen,

That would be nice to just meet up for the sake of music, what are your thoughts?

Maybe sometime in February?

Hello Stephen I would be interested as long as it was on a weekend. I am so busy through the week. February would be cool with me or anytime that we all could decide.
Let's hear from few more people perhaps and then we'll negotiate time issues. Saturdays are best for me.
I'm in Florence and would be interested in meeting. I'm a low-end or budget audiophile. Weekends work best for me as well.

Hey Stephen,

I would be willing to meet up on a Saturday.

Shoot me an email

Best regards,

Hey Bill,

Glad to see you chime in, I just sent a request to Stephen who I believe is in Huntsville, so maybe we can get a gathering together soon.

I am into DIY myself, the main stream audio gear is way to expensive, right now I use a modified Sony Playstation One for my source, a modified Chinese EL84 tube integrated and JE Labs open baffles with Electro Voice 12TRXB drivers. What do you have in your system?

Gentleman, all about music. Gear prices have little to do with music enjoyment. Personally, DIY ads to the zest. Let's have initial meeting in neutral location. Would Huntsville March 10 lunchtime be favorable to all? More suggestions please.
March 10th at lunch time is good for me. I will attend. What is the location? How about the food court at the Madison Square Mall. Plenty of options for lunch, just a suggestion. I would meet anywhere everyone decides. I'm open to suggestion. Lets get this thing rolling.
Great to hear from you fellas. I'm at a hiking conference on the 10th....but go ahead and meet, and I can join you maybe a month later.

I have some wonderful used Vandersteen 2 speakers (probably circa 1978), a Creek integrated and a slew of NAD/Cambridge and Onkyo CD players. Also a number of other speakers--AR3 (from about late 60s), a Spica SC30 I think and a few others. I also have a Dual record changer in the basement; it was a good one in it's time and dates to the early 70s.

There's a group here in Florence of vinyl guys who meet at an independent record shop downtown. I have their flyer if anyone is interested.

Cheers...Bill Matthews 256-710-8036 A better email for me is
The food court at Madison Mall is fine for me, we could meet at the Subway since we don't know what each other looks like, say 12 noon.

I,m flexible here as well. They have great chicken teryaki there. Since I started it, I will be there before time with AUDIOGON tag on the table. Any other suggestions?
I'll be there and looking forward to meeting everyone. I can arrange a tour and listening session at Audio Insight if everyone wants to go. Its only a few minutes from the mall. Audio Insight is the only dealer I know in North Alabama. All the others have gone out of business I guess. Audio Insight carries Martin Logan Speakers. I have been there and did listening sessions. Its been awhile but I don't believe they would mind. They are good people, friendly. Just another suggestion. I'm up for anything everyone agrees to.
I Love Music. Its the Heart and soul of me. I'm curious what everyone listens too. The Guitar is my main focus with Music.
I called Audio Insight. They are not open on Saturdays. Maybe could arrange something in the future. After Talking with them on the phone. They have changed somewhat and are not set up like they were on the Parkway.
I have learned to appreciate classical music from my wife and daughter, both of them play. I also enjoy jazz and some of the classic rock groups Led Z, Jimi, Santana etc...

So what kind of gear do they offer at Audio Insights?
Audio Insight has Martin Logan, Anthem And Definitive I'm pretty sure. But I don't think they stock much equipment. They can get what You want but It may not be at the store. They have other stuff I am not familiar with.
Its sad that North Alabama does not have a great Audio dealer. Probably not a good market here for the products. I like to audition equipment before buying if possible. Sometimes I have to drive to Atlanta, Birmingham, Arkansas, Tennessee or Mississippi to listen to equipment.
As a small group we may be able to test gear with different components to find the synergy. I have some vintage components as well, including greatly modified acoustats2+2, Yakov Aronov tube amp and some other.
I bought my Linn Axis table at Campbell Audio in Huntsville way back circa 1986 or so.
I remember Campbells Audio. Steve Campbell is a very knowledgeable audio enthusiast. I have not seen him in a long while. Several nice audio shops in those days.
My system is made up of McIntosh MC402 Power Amp and McIntosh C46 Control Amp. Speakers are Paradigm Signature S8 Version 1 CD player is a Audio Research CD7. Turntable is a Yamaha PF800.
Settled then, 03/10 Madison mall meeting for lunch at 12PM. After that we can all go to have audition at my home. Please bring your favorite tones, perfect time to share and discuss. I wonder how many of us will be there ?
I will be there. Looking forward to it.I am curious as well of how many will be there.
Settled then, 03/10 Madison mall meeting for lunch at 12PM. After that we can all go to have audition at my home. Please bring your favorite tones, perfect time to share and discuss. I wonder how many of us will be there ?
Looks Like I may have to work this Saturday the 10th :( I'm not happy about it but I have to do it. So I probably won't be able to attend the get together this saturday. But when the next one comes up I will do my best to meet with everyone. Here is my email Stephan if You want to make contact with me outside of this site.
Too bad I have to miss your meeting. I'll be out of town Sat. More on my audio gear: I built two Dynaco products from a kit back in the winter of 1972, an integrated amp and an FM tuner, the FM5. (Got a boxful of parts and instructions) Have both of them and the tuner still works. The amp has a very low level hum (probably bad capacitor somewhere) and when I tested it a few days ago it sounded OK at low, background music levels but distorted when played louder. I was really disappointed. I also have a set of Large Advent speakers bought in about 1977.

I'll be on the lookout for your next meeting. I'm about 55 miles west of Hsv.
The group is clearly shrinking do to errands. I’m going to rest here. Hopefully one day we revive it in some way.
Stephan--No errands here....but a long-planned conference out of town. Let me know when you can get another meeting set up. I'm retired but often gone on hiking, etc. trips.

Bill in Killen
I'm in mobile,al my name is keith,aka audiolabyrinth, I love talking about high-end audio, not sure if i could make a metting,a little far to go, however, thought i would reveal my equipment, krell 700cx amp,ayon 2s cdplayer,taralabs "the one" interconnect and speaker cables,jbl-l7 legendary speakers.
Welcome friend audiophile. Five hours drive for you
to Huntsville. No hard feelings. We here have quite problems to get together. In my view audiophiles pursue perfection in sound, in work, in life generally. Do you think audiophiles are categorised as republicans or democrats or other? Just a little thought. Anyone has courage to respond to that?
Possibly audiogon won't aloud that post. We'll see.
Montgomery AL here guys. Are there any Audio dealers/retailers in the greater H'ville area?
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