Hydra 8 -- Normal for labels on back to wear off?

I bought a used Hydra 8 here a few weeks ago and when I opened it, the labels
on the back (white paint) were about half worn off. It seems to work fine, with no scratches, dents or other damage, but should I be concerned? Is this normal? I have a 2nd Hydra 8 and this never happened. Thanks in advance.
RTN1 -- that's music to my ears! Thank you.
Do you really think this could be normal?
(Or at least not indicative of something bad?)

I was speculating someone tried to clean it with an abarasive or a brush, or maybe it was close to a hot tube or class-A amp (or a heating vent or radiator).

I really don't want to replace something that works well.

Except for the paint, it looks to be in as-new condition, with shiny screws and equally shiny plastic outlets, and looks, feels and weighs the same as my other Hydra 8.

I mean, I never heard of guys selling counterfeit Hydras on the street along with an arm full of Rolexes.
Thanks in advance for any more thoughts on this.
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Elizabeth, thank you very much for your help here.
Yes, the serial number is fine. It is on a little gold plate that Shunyata now uses (I can see the same plate in pictures of other Hydras online.)
OK, I looked closely at my other Hydra 8 that I bought new several years ago, and I noticed when looking closely slight paint imperfections, like the corner of some letters falling off.

I think Shunyata has some paint issues. Does anyone else see paint-chipping on the back of their Hydra?

But by the way, these Hydras sure sound nice. I did an A/B test just now by plugging my EMM player right into the wall vs. the Hydra and, with the Hydra, the bass was clearly more defined and firmer, and the highs are more silky but not rolled off. Everything is just easier to listen to and relaxing w/o any loss of detail. So, paint or not, I'm hooked on Hydras.
Hi Rgs92,

I have a Hydra 8 upgraded to version 2 and agree it sure does sound nice in my system. As far as the paint being worn off that labels each outlet I have the same condition. While I do think that the paint is lightly silk screened on. I believe in my case that most of the wear is caused by the prongs of the power cord errantly being scraped up against the paint. This is because I am usually reaching around the back from the front with the cord and feeling around for the outlet.
Thanks Jim. I didn't know there was a version-2; I thought there was just the V-Ray version.
Hi Rgs92,

I had bought the Hydra 8 awhile back. Probably around 2003 0r 2004. Shunyata however has made improvements since then which are now in the current models. Owners of the older models can send them in to have the units updated if they choose. If I remember correctly I had my choice of two levels of updating. I chose to have the unit fully updated as I felt the item was an excellant piece of equiptment. When updated it is returned with a new carton and also a new serial number as the piece is substantially altered from the original. I had this done maybe a year or so ago. It is either called version 2 or series 2. I would have to either check my paperwork or the Shunyata website for this. I haven't researched any of this lately but I believe that the original V-Ray falls into this same category too of being updated. Maybe some Shunyata experts can chime in on this. Working from memory I also believe I read from Shunyata somewheres that a Hydra 8 series 2 outperforms a V-Ray series 1. Well anyways I am happy.
Thanks Jim. Grant at Shunyata told me not to worry about the paint issue. I will probably look into upgrading sometime, but the Hydra 8 (mine are from 2004) works wonders as is. I would be curious to hear from others what improvement come from the V-Ray or the Series 2.