Hyperion 938 question

Hi Everyone,

In sort of a dllemma. Auditoned the 938s a few days back. I loved them. Will they work with a 55 watt SS Int. amp on the thick and warm side? Or do they need some muscle to shine? Need your advice as upgraditis is really setting in and I need a fix in 2 weeks.

Dracule, let's do that - we can all then enjoy cheap tweaks to get the best out of our 938s!

Roy, it's good to hear from you. I'll check out AC and see what's needed to start an owners group.
I heard the 938s at this years NYC show and loved them, they were using their own(Hyperion) mono ss amps
I agree Jalanc. The 938s did sound good but it could have sounded much better. At 2004 NYC show, it sounded remarkable and based on that show I bought them last year. Now I've started 938 owners group to get us happy campers together to share info on how to improve the sound of these speakers to their fullest.