Hypex Ncore 1200

Wanted to solicit opinions from users and make a few comments, I realize not many OEM options at the moment (Merrill, Atsah, Mola).

Seems to me much less buzz surrounding these than I would expect to find with a quick search, now having owned them. Ncore 400 having a ton on it in the DIY community

Here is my quick take: My head tells me this particular module with accompanying SMPS is a big time game changer and I would be wiling to bet will get credit in due time for creating the beginning of the end to classic SS design, at least for high power applications. I would go so far as to say it is a whole new class sonically, nothing out there with this combination of sonic attributes, at least that I have heard. To my ears this combination is superior to anything I have heard or owned so far. As we all know that part of the equation importantly is to each his own as it should be. For me personally however, I now can easily see high power SS designs being in significant jeopardy.

Any other impressions out there because what I am hearing has me pretty much stunned. Would prefer to hear from owners and system details.

For the record I am not a fan of class D having bad experiences at least with the early ICE based amps which I found to be horrible sounding. Over the years I have owned many of the "best' SS and tube designs on the higher side of the power spectrum, the usual suspects.
I bought Merrill Audio Veritas amps after building NC400s. They drive the MBL speakers (81dB) like nothing I've heard.

Do you own NC1200 amps? What speakers?
Hey thanks for your response. I own Merrills. Driving Pioneer S1ex (very similar to TAD evolutions). Very nice combo. If they can handle the legendary load of the MBL's then they can handle anything out there I suspect....
I have not heard the any of the Ncore modules but have heard Merrill and was surpised. I spend a lot of time in Scandivian for work and heard the Apoll Acoustic amps at the Helsinki HiFi show last month. My experience was very much similar to Petland's. Apoll is ICE power with their own power supplies and I heard music, detail, soundstage, etc. These clearly were not the Class D of yesterday. When I came home I could hear what was missing from my SS and tube amps, which are not inexpensive.