I am considering a luxman 3600 tube amp as my first adventure into tube amplifiers?

I am considering a Luxman 3600 tube amp for my first adventure into tube amplifiers. The amp. has been modified to use KT88 tubes with a corresponding output of 30 Watts, a recent servicing and update of the 3600 to accommodate the KT88 tubes with a corresponding reduction from the original 50 to 30 watts. The unit has received approximately 80 hours of use since this service.  I have been assured by the seller that the $700.00 upgrade was performed by a an experienced service professional, which he has used many times, and has complete confidence in.  I was wondering what members experience has been with the Luxman 3600 and any comments they may have. I will be using the Luxman at low to moderate volume levels with a Acoustic Research Preamp. (LS 25II) and Wilson Benesch Square 2 speakers. I am purchasing the used unit without being able to test it with my existing system due to distance constraints. I must admit I am very excited about purchasing my first tube amplifier and experiencing the holographic sound people talk about.


You can go to hifishark.com, search for 'tube amplifier'

then, put in your maximum price, and set the criteria to 'price high to low'

, that's how I found that Rogue


If looking to beat someone to a good deal, change to 'first seen, new first'.

And, you can select/limit the country you search in.

There's more to the issue of whether 30 watts are enough for a 86-87db, sensitivity speaker than the plan to use it at low to medium volumes. If there's an impedance mismatch for your speakers they're going to sound anemic and un-involving at any volume level in my experience. The issue of more or less complex impedance curves resulting from differences in crossover design greatly influences how well a lower powered tube amp will work with any given speaker. I have a 25-30 watt Decware Zen Torii that works very well at moderate volume with one set of 87db. speakers and it sounds terrible at any volume with another set of speakers that have similar specifications. I personally would be very reluctant to purchase ANY 30 watt tube amp for speakers of your rated sensitivity unless I could try the amp first for compatibility. I'd consider waiting until I could afford something of interest from someone like The Music Room in Colorado who will let you try what you buy for at least two weeks with the option to return it if it doesn't work for you. They often price their equipment a bit higher than sellers who don't offer that option. I've bought several pieces of gear from them and returned some as well. I find the price premium well spent for the peace of mind knowing I can return something that doesn't work out. 

Thanks for those search options, I regularly do check these sites. My budget is moving all the time which is what usually happens to me, I start with one budget and by the time I do my research I realize it's not enough. Original budget was $1,000 to $1,500.00 Canadian eh!