I am loving my new psb powered sub

I really love my new psb sub. This thing flat out rocks with tight deep room filling bass. Anyone else using psb. I have tested it to see if it will distort but it just never does and is very impressive
Years ago, I stumbled on the absolute best combination of world class loudspeakers and ultra hi-end rated audio equipment that's just out of this world sounding!! Truly amazing sound I get from this setup!
Seriously, In all my decades of building these systems, I've never heard anything quite like it really. I think it honestly may just be better than live sound! It's super super refined, detailed, dynamic, and throws this amazingly gigantic airy 3 dimensional sound-stage!! Truly world class.
I'm very happy myself
I never heard the Subsonic 10, but it was one of PSB's higher end models. In general PSB subs offer great value, but are not as powerful nor do they go as deep as some other more costly designs like the JL Audio subs. Depends what your goals are and what you're trying to achieve.
I have used a pair of Rythmik subs for six or seven years now, and they have elicited a similar respone from day one. IMO, a properly set-up high quality subwoofer is revelatory. My guess is that several manufacturers (including PSB, JL, and Rythmik, among many others) make subs that will do the trick in most rooms, with most music, at most listening levels. A pair of top model JL subs will absolutely outperform my Rythmiks, for example, but I'm not at all sure that - given my taste in music, room size, and listening levels - that I'd get much real benefit from the incremental performance capabilities of the JLs.

If you're listening to that rare pipe organ or EDM record that goes way down low at crushing SPLs in a giant room, you might need to narrow your choice of subs to a select few. If you're not doing that, I'm not sure that the choice is so critical.

Enjoy the sub.