Music loving friend needs help -- thanks

I'd appreciate advice on music servers, or other related suggestions. Due to a stroke, a music loving friend can only use one hand (not his dominate one). Movement in one leg was also lost. Likely he will get an electric wheel chair which would enable his ability to move on his own initiative. I hope these handicaps are temporary. Still it is imperative he has a way that he can play and listen to music in the near future.

I apologize for asking what I suspect are such rudimentary questions that the answers are common knowledge to most audiophiles. I am out of the loop regarding most things digital and as the need is urgent won't have time to educate myself without assistance. I’m hoping some members can provide relevant advice.

Although his tastes are diverse, he listens primarily to classical (both orchestral and chamber), many types of jazz, vocalists performing jazz to popular, some Brazilian and other world music, and a sprinkling of rock. His taste in classical music is significantly more varied than the basic repertoire.

My friend prefers to listen to his extensive collection of LPs, though has an extensive CD collection which he also listens to. Placing LPs on a turntable seems impossible. I'd think opening a CD case and handling a CD with one hand and dealing with the related movements required to play CDs also would be impossible. Hard to say if he can use a remote control. Suppose that depends on a remote’s interface.

Thus I thought of a music server with a touch screen interface. Anyone have an idea besides such a server? Any suggestions on which music servers would work for his physical situation and provide an easy-to-use interface (with the ability to use one hand touch, intuitive to a NON-COMPUTER USER, ease to make selections with a minimum of touch buttons or whatever to select, and handles his listening tastes with a minimum of fuss)? Simple simple simple with a minimum of actions required to perform a task is the key.

In addition to a music server are other components required, such as a DAC? Any suggestions on those components or how to make an educated decision on specific components to buy? Possibly better asked as which features and performance characteristics are key and what are the trade offs in moving up from less to more $$$. All keeping in mind any component requires ease of use for my friend. (Of course he already has an amp. preamp, and speakers.)

If a music server makes the most sense how to handle loading content on the server? If the user has to load the server and LPs and CDs need to be played in real time to accomplish this, the task will be near impossible. Likely there are solutions to this problem.

Any related ideas that I have not mentioned would be appreciated. Much thanks!
I have degenerative spine disease and have had 12 surgeries to get me to the point where I can walk on my own with limited pain. The accompanying nerve damage and loss of strength has been quite the hoot to deal with. I also lived with a year of ports and tubes and pulling a rolling pole with me. I empathize with your friend and applaud you for wanting to help out.

Rather than have him learn about the true digital side of life which may potentially lead to even more frustration, how about something relatively low tech ... a cd mega changer. You may have to pick one off ebay used, but you would load it up once and that would be it. Internet radio and Sirius radio are other options.

I remember watching a LOT of TV and listening to Sirius radio, because it was just easier than moving around once I had been medicated. If I never saw Ellen or Maury again, it would have been just fine by me.

Good luck.

Sorry to hear of your friends illness. My wife suffered a stroke 2 years ago with nearly identical physical symptoms. Luckily, it was her nondominant hand which was affected. She has no trouble with an ipad, iphone or remote control.

Your friend is lucky to have someone willing to help him out. I can say this because my wife's network of friends and former coworkers have been invaluable in keeping her spirits up.

I think Rich's idea of a mega cd changer is perfect solution. My 83-year-old dad uses one so he never has to hassle with getting the cds out and putting them away. If his mind is agile enough for internet listening, maybe a nice set of powered speakers such as Audioengine A2s. Good luck to him.
Listed on Audigon is an inexpensive and simple solution, the Olive media server. It can be controlled by an Iphone or Ipad and, if his system also has a remote volume control, there you go. I think this Olive will rip his CDs--I know Olive had a service where you could ship your CDs to them and it would come back loaded with your music. I don't think they're the end-all to digital servers, but in your friend's case, simplicity rules. It also streams music which would be appealing.
Thank you to all who responded.

Czarivey: Regarding your Iphone mention. Do you mean there's a simple way for an Iphone to use voice commands to control a music server? Or do you refer to something else? If controlling servers, is this plug'n'pay with all servers or is something, such as additional software, required?

A mega cd changer certainly is an option. And I appreciate the mention of this. My friend might object to the idea as he likely prefers control of which CDs play. Hard to say though as his limitations are new to him which of course will result in many changes with how he does things.

Any other ideas I'd love to hear about them. Thank you again.
A mega changer is programmable, your friend *can* select which CDs to play. The Olive/iPhone setup is a good suggestion, too....

Squeeebox Touch! Includes DAC, internet radio, pandora, XM/Sirius (with fee),
BBC, Live Music Archives, many more apps. All with just the touch of a finger. Uses his computer with iTunes so he can buy new music too.
-I think this was the best invention since sliced bread and am sick that Logitech is discontinuing it. If they think so little of it, perhaps they would sell it to some investors for a song.