I am trying to learn about Krix speakers for HI-Fi

I have a good friend who recently purchased a surround system of Krix speakers. As he lives over 1200 miles away I have not heard them and there are no dealers within a reasonable distance. I have tried to research the product but there seems to be few reviews available that were written in the last 18 months. My application will be stereo and I am looking at the Equinox (a mini bookshelf). What little I have found is positive. What can you tell me? They seem to be priced very attractively.
I own a pair of Krix Equinox speakers that I use in my office system (not at the moment, however, as I am unemployed). I have been very pleased with their sound, as well as the cabinet and general build quality, which is excellent for a $600 pair of speakers.

The Equinox speakers are able to play fairly loudly without distortion, have good tonal balance, are reasonably efficient (so they don't need a large amp to drive them), image very well, and have surprisingly good bass for such small speaker. What they will not do, however, is fill a large room -- but in small-to-medium size rooms, they perform admirably. They work better on decent speaker stands, but I used mine on bookshelves in my office and they still sounded good.

The Krix Equinox speaker was reviewed in a comparison of small speakers that appeared in Listener magazine about 2+ years ago. If you can find the back issues of Listener, you can see that Equinox ranked second or third in a comparison of some 7-8 small speakers in the $600 range.
CHeck out their website...I know they are Aussie made...and have very few US dealers....
I have checked the web-site. It is very basic. Most of the reviews are older. I am trying out a pair of the equinox. They just arrived today. I will post my impression.
This product is awesome. The Equinox is great however the KDX-M blows away anything I have heard anywhere in the price range.