I auditioned the Duevel Planets .

I currently own the Duevel Venus speakers driven by a Sophia Electric kt 88 in a 21x18 room. I was considering downsizing and in speaking with Ted, at High End Audio he suggested the Planets.

Ted brought a pair over as I live about 35 miles from him and set them up. No they are not as good as the Venus but for $1195 they are pretty amazing. Very open and detailed with surprising bass for their size.

If you are considering an omni speaker I strongly suggest you give these a listen. I had heard them on solid state at Ted's place and tubes at my place. They really like tubes in my opinion.

On a side note Ted moved my Venus speakers a few inches out and in and wow. I think I'm going to keep them for now.
I am not affiliated with High End Audio but wanted to mention a really nice speaker for the money and an excellent dealer.
The Planets are interesting. They appear to be physically small and as you and others have hinted at, they do fairly well in a medium to large room.

May I ask, did speaker positioning differ much from the Venus placements? Considering the Planets are vented out the bottom, what type of flooring did you place them on?

Thank you.
I placed them about the same distance as the venus about 7ft apart and close to 4 feet from the rear wall on either side of a 50 inch lcd TV. They were placed directly on a berbur rug. I have the venus on the Duevel feet on 12x12 inch tiles on top of the rug.
They surprisingly did well in my 18 x21 room.
Haven't heard the Planets, but looking at the photos posted by a member who recently sold a pair here, I think Duevel should provide a special vacuum cleaner attachment for sucking the collected dust off of those top-firing drivers - the woofer especially appeared to be a real "dust bowl" as seen in the one shot :)
I looked into the planets but had to exclude them cause they are only rated at 50 watts RMS. My Bryston amp is about 150 watts per channel so I think my amp would fry them. Anyone hook these up to a good amp and play them loud?
"the bryston will drive them fine"

I know it will drive them but will it blow them up :). How do these compare with the Gallo Reference 3.1's?